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  1. let me know if i need to cut some stuff down. order is in the doc 2ac vs TheTrashDebater.docx
  2. cx- what are the statuses of the cp and the k? what does the world of the alt look like? is it like a huge political party? holden you accidentally drop a 20 dollar bill into a homeless person's lap when you were reaching for 5 dollars, what do you do? how does the alt solve cap? have you ever smoked the mari-juana? (important framing question) is there a strategic purpose of saying econ collapse bad and econ (cap) bad? if you were to describe yourself in abstract shapes and colors what would you be? can the plan occur in the world of the alt? does the alt require you to fiat the mindset of peoples? describe in single words. only the good things that come to your mind. about one of your parents (if you knew them if not i'm sorry). are there any in-round solvency claims with the k?
  3. camp flashbacks, marijuana cp is so 2017 edit: want me to answer cx??? And i have an apush test tomorrow, so is it okay if 2ac will be up tomorrow?
  4. alright, sorry i had the sat today and im on my phone so I’ll do cx when i get to my laptop at home. But i’m fine with any judges and any number of judges i also prefer k lolll but holden wanted policy so i don’t mind
  5. yeah, i'm fine with anyone judging, up to you Holden if holden doesn't mind you can post paradigm edit: quote
  6. the word limit is 2750/1625, but I have a mac and can't really figure out how to get the word count of the highlighted portions of the doc (I highlighted everything that I would normally read). Can someone check the word count for me? If it is over i don't mind shortening the doc I am open to cx whenever the word limit is verified CTE 1ac 8.0.docx
  7. if you can make it work definition-wise, you can just throw it in with another t-violation and expand on it in the block. i think I remember doing this for deseg and cte at camp
  8. https://www2.ed.gov/rschstat/eval/disadv/title1-factsheet.pdf you can prolly find something better, but that basically shows that title 1 is core of the topic, and is more than half of the US education system... topical enough for any judge
  9. i mean if you’re lookin to read baudrillard you should cut it yourself so you know what your author is meaning(jokes)/saying, get the actual background knowledge required to convey an extremely difficult concept. Its also kinda counter-prodictive to shortcut your own research, whilst criticizing that very concept
  10. this is just to help you get to thinking and give you ideas, you are probably smarter than me, this is just my take on the text. I can attempt more indepth when i get to my laptop For me its kinda an indict to Baudrillard’s theory’s. saying like he is just a pessimist who is taking an “apocalyptic” view of our “possible future.” There isn’t really much warrant in the card, the only real thesis is towards the beginning where the author describes how Baudrillard is wrong in how he views the world (i.e. his ideas of reversing opinion of death are dumb), and that power won’t eventually be overthrown, it will transform into more violence and actually include Baudrillard’s “symbolic acts” (i.e. terrorism) edit: by all means I am no pomo translator, so please some pomo god don't make fun of me
  11. i love what this thread has turned into. and yeah i saw those issues tbh, but as nonegfiat said as four committed people would make it work would also love to see that round
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