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  1. Education Resolution; #NotMyResolution

  2. First, I just want to say, #NotMyResolution, And second, I've been making new affs left and right for next year's topic, but me and my uncreative self have ran out of AFF ideas. To be honest, I don't know how far this topic will reach back into policy impacts, but if someone can explain to me just some aff ideas that can be used next year that would be fantastic.
  3. First about the education topic, #NotMyResolution and I was making new affs for next year and me and my creative self have no idea what I should make affs on and how far I can reach back into policy impacts (nuke war, economy, death related stuff, etc...) But any aff idea would help a ton and yeah, thanks! #NotMyResolution
  4. Thinking about education rez

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