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  1. Thanks, what DID you think of my response to the solvency arg that the neg was making, did you think I was handling it well?
  2. Bump once again for RFD’s. I need to be able to finish the next debate by the end of next week because UTNIF begins on Saturday for me
  3. TheTrashDebater

    lmao what the heck is going on

    Probably true, I mean at least the website looks a bit better aesthetically
  4. TheTrashDebater

    lmao what the heck is going on

  5. TheTrashDebater

    best k aff for next year

    I’m calling it now, queer migration aff EDIT: Gonna be pretty big because the UMICH file that came out has basically all the materials you need, you would just need to redo the tags, maybe find some better evidence a solvency mechanism you have yourself an aff
  6. TheTrashDebater

    How to write a K AFF

    I don’t think there’s a SET structure for making a K aff but what is certain is taht there should a narrative to it, a story of the problem of the resolution taht you’re critiquing. What your narrative to the aff is about varies about the method of which you critique
  7. TheTrashDebater

    Camp files

    Here's the list of camps that have released files that i have access to, feel free to add- Michigan (the files are pretty good this year)- https://sites.google.com/site/umichdebate2018/home ENDI- https://sites.google.com/view/endiwiki2018/evidence-packet?authuser=0 Wake- https://www.dropbox.com/sh/medqhs80b9qarq2/AADJTFEHu-jzyVvZ_CRyAu8Fa?dl=0 EDIT: Added Wake
  8. Honestly I’ll even flow the round if needed because I need to get this done before UTNIF starts
  9. Does this mean that the ODT can move on?
  10. TheTrashDebater

    topicality - excludes refugees

    Oh lmao my mistake yeah you need a word to define legal immigration, the card you’re talking about should be a violation card if im not mistaken
  11. TheTrashDebater

    topicality - excludes refugees

    I mean as long as you don't try to use that same shell for like a visas aff I don't see why you would need other cards for your T shell unless you have a really specific violation
  12. TheTrashDebater

    2NC/1AR Prep

    Unfortunately I can't help you much as far as the 1AR because I'm normally a 2A. But whenever I give a 2NC, my coach recommended around 4-ish minutes for prep, but I always used around 2-3. During that time I usually put my blocks in the block and prep the LBL. You have your partners 5 minutes 1NR and the 1AR prep to be able to flow your blocks. What I would do is start making the 2NC during the 2AC (while paying attention to the 2AC so you catch any blippy analytics), start prep with the work you have done, get your doc done then work quickly on your LBL so you have sufficient time to prep for the 2NR. Save flowing your blocks for the 1NR,