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  1. I’m willing to help, again I won’t be able to do it all the time but I can help a decent amount
  2. thank you so much ryan for all of your time
  3. I can't answer this, but as I believe it to be, the division is based upon school size with the each division having a maximum school size, if you are below that size you may be able to move down, however don't quote me on this, as i only know of schools that have moved up, specifically in my state Crossings Christian, from 3A to 5A,
  4. You are correct I should have been more specific, in the first elimination round, my team revived a judges that not only had never judged a cx round, or been in one, you might have my school wrong as we did not go 0-4, the judge in question will remain unnamed but has a history of voting against our school, including at that tournament voting against our teams 3 times, the round in question on the ballot said that we one topicality (was neg) but lost the round, so sorry if I might be unhappy*the novice team was not at the OSSAA tournament but at a regular tournament
  5. anyone going? Have gone? Any tips or things we need to bring not on the list?
  6. No it's not unfortunately it's OSSAA the state circuit, unfortunately the rules don't allow strikes, after our coach talked to the tournament commissioner said if we have a problem with the judges our only option was to move up a division, thank everyone for replies though
  7. Their are a few judges in my circuit that absolutely hate my school, dropping the third team in my district to a novice because "I didn't really believe the arguments, they wherent contested, just not beliveable" it was ligit no solvency because of the novices own bill, also after tally of ballot this year my school as a whole is 0-7 with her as a judge, Any suggestions on how to get her to like my school more, history goes the teams before my times where extremely rude to one of her teams.
  8. Can we get an impact for the States Spending DA
  9. Can we get an impact for the States Spending DA
  10. hey y'all, I'm a sophomore at riverfield, never heard of right, well we have a graduating class of 34 so not a lot of resources, however our team consistently takes state, and would like to continue to grow, we have 6 teams right now and are for the first time moving out of region to debate, i would like tips, as our local circuit is mainly a stock issues circut
  11. I agree with Ryan Maybe a mass file, for everyone, also this is a big help for me, trying to get my school into the bigger level debate, Thank you very much, I have included my theory file for anyones use, as i wish to give everyone a chance, as debate should be fair. Theory Master File.doc
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