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  1. Right, my bad. My comment was meant to be addressed to judges.
  2. So... Is this not a thing anymore?
  3. Bayernuard

    lmao what the heck is going on

    Yeah, I agree. I like that it's a bit more modern but the interface is high key throwing me off. I can't even tell how to up/downvote a post anymore.
  4. Bayernuard

    lmao what the heck is going on

    It's not a question of hating the new formatting or anything like that, it's just a question of why the heck this randomly happened after the thing that happened in that other thread. I am big confuse to say the least.
  5. Bayernuard

    lmao what the heck is going on

    Okay but like actually what the heck.
  6. Bayernuard

    How to write a K AFF

    I mean, as a dedicated cheater in the world of debate, I can provide you some tips and tricks for cutting a K AFF even though there is no “set structures”. My 3 biggest tips would be: -> Center the aff around some theorizarion you like. You need to get this shit very well in order to explain it to other people, so pick something you’ll have fun trying to understand. -> Have a dedicated way to beat framework that is in the 1AC but not extremely obvious. This will vary from aff to aff. -> Center your aff around something particular, hopefully something that is relevant to the topic. This makes is easier for people who are not you to understand. That said, have fun being a cheater!
  7. The order is the advantage, framing, T, K. 1625 words. Good debate. I'll see you around at camp. 2AR v. Raunak.docx
  8. Here's the 1AR. Advantage, K, T. 1531 words. EDIT: There’s a typo. It’s supposed to be “The 2AC’s claims that charity cannibalism don’t lead to semiocap…” 1AR v. Raunak.docx
  9. 1AR will be up sometime tomorrow if that’s okay — I have a practice debate today and the team I’m debating just changed the aff on me so I need to prep. l:<
  10. Sorry, didn't mean to do anything bad. Whenever you're ready to post the 1NR is fine, no rush.
  11. Ready for the 1NR whenever.
  12. Cool, so people can't advocate for themselves. If I can separate myself from my identity is this still a link?
  13. I'll take you up on that offer -- why do you assume that I'm reading the aff based upon my identity?
  14. 1NR whenever. EDIT: Heck, I lied. One more question. If I were white and read the same aff, would that avoid the identity link?
  15. 1. Point me to a quote in the Baudrillard card I cut that actually defines any link? 2. What is charity cannibalism? 3. If we win that an aff ballot creates material change, is Charity Cannibalism still a link? 4. On the activism link -- what does it mean to be consumed by semiocapitalism? 5. What's the internal link between ressentiment and the activism link? 6. You say: "The fact that the 1AC is related to Bernie's identity as Latin American turns the case." I'm Brazilian and the aff is about government action. How is this a link? 7. Does Bifo base his theses off of Baudrillard's? 8. How do you solve anything after kicking the alt?