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  1. Could do something like militarist racism, kinda like nuclear racism. The idea that certain groups of people shouldn't have weapons because they "can't use them like us white folk" or something along those lines. Not trying to say that guns are good for those groups, just the idea that gun control or whatever can be racially charged and target minorities. I'm not super familiar with it, heard it from someone else like two years ago, but its a start. Also, like what brodrillard says, most post modern authors are critical of leftists in the sense that they act as if they're doing the morally just action, but really it works to expand their own power. You could also just say that the aff doesn't go far enough to solve the problem of militarism because they aren't actually decreasing military presence or action, just sales. There's plenty of stuff that says doing any government action with the structure of militarism still intact is a tacit endorsement of the militarist system. Soft-left affs like to play with idea of fiat = reality a lot, so it really trips them up when you say they aren't actually doing anything. Breaking the illusion of fiat is usually step 1 in a K for me. That's all I got.
  2. This file is all I've ever needed to beat a kritik, comes with explainations of what the evidence is saying and how to use it. All you need to know is how it relates to the kritik in the round, so my usual go-to CX question is something like "what is the goal of the K" or something to that effect. Another good CX question is to ask how the K specifically links to your aff, because chances are, the link isn't super specific. You're main priority against a kritik shouldn't really be to disprove it entirely, because that's not an argument you can really win in most places, you should be trying to prove to the judge that the K can't achieve its own solvency as well that doing your plan is good. You're not gonna beat the links, and you're not gonna impact turn. My personal strategy always involved most of the following actions: linking the neg back to the K especially if their link to the aff is generic (kind of hard if you don't know about the K they read, so very optional), read solvency deficits to the alt, permutating is almost mandatory, and weighing the aff against the K and essentially using your own case as a disad to the alternative. These are some pretty basic strategies that I used in a Division 5A HS in Idaho. What JSamuel said is good, reading Ks is a good way to submerge yourself into the thought process of kritiks; to defeat the K debater, you must become the K debater.Cede the Political too good.docx
  3. Honestly some of the best files/resources I have came from just prowling this website on "Help Me" threads. Also ye Open Evidence is super dope. If you go to tournaments out of town/bigger tournaments in general, it doesn't hurt to make friends with other teams from different schools and share files in your community.
  4. Scrub Idaho debater here. Can anyone help me understand the Cybernetics kritik? I'm looking to perhaps expand my neg stuff. I can understand average kritiks, Agamben, Baudrillard, Biopolitics, Psychoanalysis, etc. Thanks friends.
  5. check the debate discord, fella
  6. jaceg

    Lay Neg Strats?

    I'm a debater in southern Idaho, and the circuit is plagued with lay judges, and I'm having trouble finding a cohesive neg strat that will convince all those mommies and daddies to vote me up, should I just swallow my pride and run federalism and states, or is there something else out there that would work?
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