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  1. I personally think the 1NR took it a bit far calling the judge a "fat fucker" and repeatedly hurling insults at Georgetown. I do think Rutgers has the right idea of making debate an inclusive space, but the wrong approach that simply comes off obnoxious to ordinary people watching. It is important to remember that debate is an extracurricular activity and should be treated similar to a school environment, if we don't tolerate bullying and personal attack on students/teachers - why should we allow this form of debate to occur? I watched Georgetown neg going for framework, I do not believe it was violent and I think the 2NC/2NR was far ahead on the limits debate and why their model of debate is better Congrats to Rutgers on winning CEDA and the NDT, that's a huge accomplishment.
  2. That doesn't make sense b/c LASA BV debated in novice CX finals vs Hendrickson GS at UT last year? https://www.tabroom.com/index/tourn/results/round_results.mhtml?tourn_id=3576&round_id=142770
  3. Let me know who y'all think the best sophomore team is on the Texas circuit, hopefully after TFA state everyone has had more debates to know more teams!!
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