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  1. 1. Alt doesn't solve - Most alts don't do anything to solve for your aff, grill them in CX about it 2. Use your aff as said above - format it like a way to weigh the round like framework 3. Perm 4. Theory - But this is for really specific instances like Floating PIKS and stuff like that 5. No Link/Link turn - always strong against a K, if you win the K doesn't link they can't weigh of their impacts against you 6. Perm!!!!
  2. Thanks, it looks great.
  3. Now that you say that, I think most people would prefer the debate bad K more broadly.
  4. Can we have a debate bad k in terms of education? Maybe some Reid-Brinkley if possible.
  5. Is it possible that we can get a process cp or A/T to one?
  6. Wait does that mean Montgomery Bell starts debate in 6th grade? Woodlands RM are freshman and went to TFA State. They went 3-3.
  7. This was inspired by the best sophomore team topic. After reading all of the posts, I was wondering; who is the best novice/freshman team in the TFA circuit?
  8. Just to clarify - is this daily card thread specific to a position? Like will one day be Ks or DAs, or are these generic cards to be used for next year's topic?
  9. What is triple O offense (OOO)? I heard this being used as a A/T Baudrillard.
  10. I have a request for some cards that could help some people next year: Is it possible you can post some impact defense and turns for next year topic?
  11. http://opencuny.org/womenmedia/files/2015/09/BookScanCenter.pdf This is just the intro of the book, don't actually have a copy of the book.
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