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  1. Does anyone have a copy of The Black Imagination, Science Fiction, Futurism and the Speculative edited by Julie E. Moody-Freeman and Sandra Jackson?
  2. Does anyone have a pdf version of Postmodern Blackness by bell hooks?
  3. Does anyone have a copy of Wilderson's Red White and Black on pdf or online? If so, can you post it or link me to it?
  4. Does anyone have chapter 6 of Borderlands by Anzaldua? I can't seem to find it anywhere. If so, could someone send it to me or direct me to a link?
  5. Hey, I have a friend who qualed to nationals in Congress. I was wondering what Congress was like at the national level and how one could prepare for it before the docket comes out.
  6. volchitsa


    Lol, the handwriting is still so much better than mine. I noticed that you were writing arguments next to what they replied to. How would you deal with the argument if you ran out of space to flow it besides that one initial arg? (en example would be like if you have the first link card, and they put a bunch of arguments that were separate of each other on that link card, and then they went on to the other link card, but you weren't able to flow the arguments to the second link card next to the actual card because the replies to the first card were so long) *also, your flowss are soo neattttt. 0.0 I think I'm going to invest in long paper and try to space my arguments 1.5 to 2 inches apart like you do.
  7. volchitsa


    Thank you, the flow was helpful nevertheless.
  8. volchitsa


    yeah, that'd be helpful. thanks
  9. So I know that you may have already gone to a camp, but just thought I'd throw in my two cents. - VBI as I've heard is one of (if not the) the best LD camps. Although it may be true that they are top heavy, don't rule them out because you think you will get neglected. Several novices I know on my LD team went to VBI after their freshman year and they all came back much better. However, it is a bit expensive, so you'll have to decide if you are willing to spend the money. - I've also heard that TDC is a very good camp. Again I know someone who went to this camp after his sophomore year. He came back this year and was in a bid round (probably would have been in more except he didn't have many bid opportunities). He also came back much better skills-wise, faster, clearer, and with better cases. I also hear that TDC is a cheaper than VBI. - And also, finally, the policy camp thing, I actually think it's very good advice. First, the LD topic changes every two months anyway, so its not like you could have been prepping for the LD topic at camp anyways. Second, because of the possibility of multiple neg and/or aff strats, I think policy teaches better argument adaptivity because you have more exposure to other arguments. Also, if you go to a more K-focused camp, you will definitely be able to apply said arguments to LD. Third, circuit LD is gravitating towards the policy realm, so the skills you learn from policy camp will help you in circuit LD for sure. Fourth, skills aren't contextualized to event. If you learn how to spread faster at analytics or whatever in policy camp, I doubt you'll lose them when you return to LD. Additionally you could mention to your lab leaders that you plan on taking this advice back to LD and ask them to contextualize the advice they give you to LD if possible. UTNIF is probably a good choice of policy debate camp. Probably should go with Skills Intensive instead of Topic Intensive. And also, if you are afraid about the certain things in LD that policy doesn't have, you could always just ask other people on your team (seniors) who do LD and learn those when you get back from debate camp.
  10. volchitsa


    Thank you, that would be really helpful if you inserted a picture. How would you flow if the answers to say, 1 card, was several very short analytics, that are all different? For Example Argument | Answer 1: blahblahblah Answer 2: yada yada yada Answer 3: blip blap blip blap etcetera I find that if I group them too close together, they look like one argument to me and I have a hard time replying to each of them. Would you recommend still leaving around 1.5 inches to 2 between them? Additionally, since towards the rebuttal speeches, the arguments aren't in card format anymore, that's usually where my flows begin to become confusing to me.
  11. volchitsa


    I'm currently not flowing on the large paper, because I haven't had a chance to get any yet, but I can borrow some from my partner to see how it works for me. For the drawing lines between arguments to cards, I usually do that when it comes to cards. However, how should I delineate when the argument is a bunch of analytics? Usually, if they just give short sentence analytics to arguments, it's hard for me to lbl bc I can't find them on the flow And yes I'm flowing in different colors and using multiple sheets of paper.
  12. volchitsa


    I've been wondering if y'all have any tips on how to organize a flow. I can usually hear and write down the arguments, however, my flow is usually just a column of text. I do indent between arguments, of course. However, I've yet to find a way to delineate clearly between arguments so I know where one argument starts and another begins. I want advice on how to label or delineate between arguments on the flow in such a way that my eyes would immediately find it if I were to be trying to give a speech and needed to reference my flow. The current way I flow, It is very hard for me to give speeches off my flow because I can't find where the arguments are on the paper.
  13. volchitsa

    1AR Drills

    Hey, I'm looking for drills that will help me give better 1ARs. So drills that can help improve clarity/diction, efficiency, and speed. Specifically, drills that could help me learn to spread analytics faster would be great. I can read pretty fast already, but I'm a bit slow when I have to spread analytics.
  14. Thanks one of my friends went there as well and learned a lot. Honestly, after some thinking, I've really narrowed it down to wake and UTNIF. I'm still slightly tempted by Wake because they have a k-specialized lab. I don't want to neglect the skills based stuff at UTNIF, but I'd also like to delve into kritikal lit more.
  15. I've been trying to decide on what debate camp to go to this summer. I'm looking for a camp that will help me improve technically as well as expand my knowledge on ks and the lit base that goes along with them. I want a camp that is more k intensive. My partner went to Wake last year for the K lab and said that it was good. However, I've also looked into UTNIF and UMich. Although those are my main choices, if you think that there are better ones, please recommend them. Additionally, it would also be very helpful if people who actually went to these camps could give me information on the style and structure of these camps. As for more information: I started policy debate this year, I'm a sophomore, my partner and I have won several varsity tournaments, and we qualed to nats. Thanks
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