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  1. I'll judge if this is still happening contrary to my username, not really a K hack - I'm up for anything that's not offensive theory is pretty cool Ks are cool but explain them politics or another da and a counterplan is cool too
  2. Right, so vman is saying that those four positions apply to pretty much every affirmative out there Probably the best T interp is T-Curriculum - arguing that they're not actually modifying the curriculum taught In terms of politics, probably the best scenario is the base DA - it argues that plan is unpopular with Trump's base, and if he loses his support then he gets mad and starts a war. Pretty legit You want to run states/politics together - the net benefit to doing the plan through the states rather than through the national government is that it avoids your politics disadvantage, so if you win any risk of the disad, you'd prefer doing the plan through the states to avoid it And kritiks are basically counterplans with a built in net benefit, that criticizes an underlying assumption of the affirmative - in the case of pretty much every affirmative, they're using the capitalist system that is education, and capitalism is bad - but there's a shiny alternative, and there are different alternatives - probably the best on the education topic is critical pedagogy
  3. Anyone have a consolidated impact defense file? Everything I have is either scattered around everywhere or about ten years old. Thanks!
  4. In terms of LD, I'd also have a separate file full of generic case turns that apply to the current topic
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