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  1. chsdebater5

    Answers to "Immigration Doesn't Solve Aging"

    https://openev.debatecoaches.org/bin/download/2018/Georgetown/High Skilled Aff Updates - Georgetown 2018.docx https://openev.debatecoaches.org/bin/download/2018/Georgetown/High Skilled Aff - Georgetown 2018.docx Check the aging module
  2. chsdebater5


    Check the georgetown openev under High skill in innovation there might be some cards.
  3. chsdebater5

    What was the Ritz Affair?

    I have been blessed by GodYe himself
  4. chsdebater5

    What was the Ritz Affair?

    oof if its what I think it is I'm not eating ritz again
  5. chsdebater5

    What was the Ritz Affair?

    I was bored and started going through this site and stumbled upon the Ritz Chris Jay affair. After doing a deep dive most of the pictures have been deleted or delinked and there isn't much explanation of what happened. Would anyone be able to explain what the Ritz Chris jay affair was?
  6. chsdebater5

    Cybernetics K

    Sorry I thought you were someone else egregious case of mistaken identity
  7. chsdebater5

    Cybernetics K

    I'm varads partner and you ran cybernetics once so I assumed you were a god
  8. chsdebater5

    Cybernetics K

    pm @Lukrau
  9. chsdebater5


  10. chsdebater5


    Why have you forsaken me?
  11. chsdebater5


    I need a card that says that republicans/Democrats support temporary/permanent residency for high skilled immigration
  12. chsdebater5

    best k aff for next year

    What would a Mestiza consciousness k aff look like?
  13. chsdebater5

    Daily Card

    RIP to the GOAT
  14. chsdebater5

    Title IX

    Thank you so much Snowball
  15. chsdebater5

    Title IX

    My team is going to a tournament where one of the affs is Title IX amendment. Any suggestions for neg answers?