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  1. And? Its clearly been working for them - 2nd most bids to the TOC in the nation after all.
  2. T1 Inherency updates, preferably something from 2018, please?
  3. I will go ahead and throw my name in the pool, if there's any other questions regarding my paradigms, feel free to PM me. tl:dr : mostly tab, but kritikal arguments need to be explained well and I will default to policy-maker if the round isn't framed for me Tech > truth, unless the arguments are blatantly racist/some other -ism Speed: Normally I put something here, but I feel like this won't be relevant to a v-debate. K-Affs: Gonna be honest here, not something I have much experience with. That being said, I am perfectly fine with them, just be aware you may need to do a little bit more work to justify running something like this with me. Ks: I have more experience with these, but I am not well versed with the lit. Just give me good 2nc/1nr overviews explaining what the k means in laymen's terms and your good. T: I will vote on T, but please don't run T against blatantly topical policy affs. That makes me sad. Theory: I will vote on it, but it needs to be well justified. Blippy theory purely there to waste time makes me sad. Framework: As I don't have much experience with K-Affs, I don't have much experience with this either. Once again, that being said, I will vote on this if it's well justified. Speaking from my limited knowledge however, I much prefer an argument that actually engages the aff. CP/DAs: Probably what I have the most experience with, I love these and will vote on them along with good impact calc. Case: If you can prove why any part of the aff is false/not a good idea, I will vote neg on presumption, so just keep that in mind
  4. Getting off my ass and helping with this like I said I would - here is tests expose inequality 1-13-18.docx
  5. Not sure if I should put this here but oh well. Here's a pretty bad aff, and it could probably be highlighted down, but if you need something to read in front of a lay/mom judge, this should work. School Lunch Aff.docx
  6. @TheSnowball Highly specific request, but I know you were at UTNIF. Do you happen to have the case neg for the aff "Economies of Pedagogy" ?
  7. yes, yes I did Edit: I would also recommend we split the file into to. At this point it is massive and not easy to search at a glance 11-9-17.docx
  8. This doesn't have anything about climate education, and it is a bit short, but it is a good inherency card. Just dig through openev for some solvency and you should be fine. @TheSnowball I am still busy, but I will try to help you with this project as much as possible
  9. In that case I feel like the interp wouldn't be a percentage. Regardless of what one considers substantial, we can probably all agree that a thousand dollars to fund a program that cost millions or even billions isnt "a large amount". My problem comes when teams run T - Substantial with interps that are taken waaaaaay out of context(a one about substantial must be 20% in relation to apartment tenants comes to mind). Also how do you prove that the aff is increasing by a percent? Is funding STEM by a billion dollars 20 percent or 99%? Its just a argument that teams waste time on, never go for, and I feel devalues the educational side of debate as we all wasted time on a pointless argument. Edit: I hate T - Increase - Pre-existence for the same reason. Even if I am creating a new program, I still have to find lit as to how said program solves my harms or creates my advantages, thus lit probably exists as to why that program doesn't work
  10. T - Substantial With the interpretation being that the aff must increase by x percent
  11. Could you find a impact card to criminalization of lgbtq youth through the school to prison pipeline? Edit:Nevermind
  12. Yeah, I have a few cards now but the link chain is questionable at best. Fascism causes structural violence or genocide would be helpful as well.
  13. I need impact cards that say "Fascism leads to wars/extinction"
  14. This is one of the single best debate files I have ever seen, thank you.
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