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  1. Agreed. This does seem more reasonable. Maybe Greenhill LW should be lower because they've been kinda out of it lately - wasn't only half of them at TFA?
  2. IHere are my updated rankings from VishvakBandi's after TFA state: 1. Greenhill AE 2/3. Coppell DR/Westwood BS (talk at TFA was that the prelim round between the 2 was basically a coin toss) 4. Woodlands MR 5. Hendrickson GS 6. Jesuit HM 7. Jesuit HT 8. Greenhill LW 9. Kinkaid HK 10. LASA CU
  3. Hey ya'll I'm new to this circuit and theres a few teams that I'm curious about for those of you who have encountered them. If ya'll could just give me some general thoughts on these teams and their debaters.
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