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  1. PrideOfLenin

    (Partial) Government Shutdown

    Fiat is a question of should not would, so the argument doesn't really make sense the way you're running it. It also doesn't make sense because Congress can still pass bills during the shutdown. Apparently, immigrants can still file petitions for LPR etc. during the shutdown, so people can still get in. However, there's a lot of backlog in the immigration courts system because many of them are closed. You could probably spin a solvency deficit out of that against some aff. One other thing about the shutdown that's relevant is that the only political fights right now are about the shutdown and the wall, so any unrelated politics DA makes no sense.
  2. PrideOfLenin

    soft lefts on the immigration topic

    Alternately, you could run one of the more well-known soft-left affs and not try to prevent a debate from occurring.
  3. PrideOfLenin

    Theory ---> Methodological Pluralism

    Actually, I don't think this perm severs out of the plan text. It seems like they're just not ruling out your method for looking at the world while still doing the plan text. First, you have to win plan focus bad. Debate is an educational game, so letting teams sever out of their research is bad because it's not educational. There are also cards for many K's that say analyzing cap/security/whatever is a prerequisite to understanding policy action, so the K should come before the fiat of the plan. Second, turn methodological pluralism. It basically just says that we shouldn't rule out different ways of looking at the world. Refusing to rule out capitalist/securitized methods of analyzing policy allows those policies to continue to dominate the political sphere. You can't combine liberal order key to solve nuclear war and anti-capitalist discourse, so the perm is basically to be indecisive. That's also a bad model of debate because it's the judge's job to decide which school of thought was better defended. The perm actually makes no sense in the context of debate because methodological pluralism is about conducting studies, not making policy decisions.
  4. PrideOfLenin

    H1-b Neg cards in need of

    I don't think anyone runs that aff because T-LPR beats it so easily.
  5. PrideOfLenin

    What arguments go best against T

    Depends on the plan, but T-LPR links to some asylum affs.
  6. Can you be more specific about the exact arguments you're trying to make?
  7. PrideOfLenin

    Does anyone have disad(s) to this Aff?

    The act has never been passed before so I don't think that's a particularly good argument. Fiat probably answers it pretty well.
  8. PrideOfLenin

    Fed disad

    I don't think that's a particularly strong disad on this topic. I doubt there are any fed disad cards out there.
  9. PrideOfLenin

    Does anyone have disad(s) to this Aff?

    Try SDI's packet stuff. It's pretty good. I think there are also Base DA links somewhere.
  10. For this debate I felt like a warming turn of oil and good impact calc would have won it for aff. Warming is pretty easy to win since their authors are funded by Exxon, and its an extinction impact