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  1. jp3

    K args

    The new topic over education is for sure going to be k slanted as i have hard. What K's do yall predict will be run?
  2. jp3

    As a Novice

    We did a round robin, because like 10 teams dropped from the tournament.
  3. I hit one of their teams that read it, I forgot what the team name was, but they read it.
  4. jp3

    Policy Debate Discord

    Can you please set to not expire!
  5. Yeah, just make sure u dont send me the dumb novice japan DA. Which of their affs do you want? Their selective Space? Their stupid apology one? I have all, which one do you want?
  6. Yes, its arm sales, my bad. I think, that escalation CP, and glaser indicts are strong arguments to make.
  7. jp3

    As a Novice

    Like honestly what should I do. I get the sarcasm, but I need to know what I must do in order to become a good debater.
  8. Trading for penninsula aff Have coppell burkner celina jesuit
  9. KS from greenhill for sure will place well.
  10. What should I read against the Taiwan affirmative, my school runs it, but I really want to know some good answers for it.
  11. jp3

    As a Novice

    So guys, I am finishing my first novice year, and want to know if anyone can relate. My record was this through all of my tournaments I went to. 3-1 4-1 1-3 1-1-2 (2 ties fml) 3-1 The tournaments where I go 3-1, 4-1,3-1 I have a partner who I boss around. control. The other 2 where I went 1-3, 1-1-2. I had a partner who was really good. Does anyone else do really well when they have a partner they can control? Also, what exactly is next years topic on education? and, should I move to varsity?
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