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  1. Sorry if this is off track, but excellent Post Malone reference
  2. You can take a look at Caddo Magnet ACs wiki from the 2014-2015 oceans topic. Cole Allen was the 2A and he was a pretty heavy Nietzsche debater. He even got to go to the Harvard RR and got to quarters of Harvard with Alden Conner because the other half of our A team that year, Calen Martin, wasn’t able to go but Alden wanted to and brought Cole along.
  3. No it wasn’t Nooch but it was a former UT debater who was the first debater to ever run a K
  4. I must be thinking of someone else
  5. They did it. Iowa closed out CEDA Nats and Iowa GL was top seed.
  6. There’s definitely a possibility
  7. They’re still going strong but they dropped a ballot in quarters to Binghampton AB
  8. Technically he goes to Iowa and a community college in Iowa City to get his grades up and it’s really stupid that they aren’t letting him go to the NDT.
  9. Personally, I’m rooting for Iowa GL.
  10. I accidentally made this so go to the other post.
  11. I actually met him at the UT tournament.
  12. I’d say the top three teams are Harvard MS, Kansas KR, and Northwestern CE. One of them will probably win it.
  13. Who is considered to be the best kritik debater of all time- high school or college?
  14. We just broke one except it has a plan https://hspolicy.debatecoaches.org/Caddo+Magnet/Lawrence-Kiihnl+Aff
  15. I’d say that the top teams in a Texas are Lindale DW, Greenhill EG, Greenhill AK/KW, LASA AV, Westwood GN, Katy Taylor BK, Harris Wilson and whoever he partners with, and Westwood CS. And while Lindale is definitely extremely good, they have some weaknesses like being worse on the negative even though Anthony is super good. They dropped a ballot to us (a freshman-freshman team) in Octos of Houston when they were on the negative, but most of the other teams I’ve only hit once and I don’t have any in depth knowledge of them.
  16. I’ve read both and Dartmouth would definitely be the better option based on what I’ve read, heard, and the evidence and debaters that come from them.
  17. The UTNIF put out an Agamben Studying Aff too if you want to take a look.
  18. Hey, I was accepted into Northwestern 6 Week and I plan on attending so I was wondering if anyone else was going and if anyone has some advice for it.
  19. Before this year, the most bids that I had heard of one person getting was 10 from Alden Conner in 2014-2015, and the most from a single team that I’ve seen was 9, which a lot of teams have gotten. However, North Broward MR has 9 already in January so unless something extremely drastic happens, they’re going to beat both of those.
  20. Sorry but Macs are notoriously bad with Verbatim. You should be able to download it, but it won’t be near as good as Verbatim for Windows. Luckily for you, it shouldn’t be much more than a minor annoyance and shouldn’t affect performance in debate.
  21. I really don’t think that it’s a bad argument at all and can only be gone for when mishandled. I’m the 1A but my partner has gone for condo bad in her 2AR multiple times, beating people like Isidore Newman AL and taking a ballot from Lindale DW in Octos of UH when Condo was covered fairly well in both rounds. It’s a very good argument that with the right judges and the right implementation, can be a downright killer.
  22. The list of teams is up on Tabroom now.
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