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  1. Sorry if this is off track, but excellent Post Malone reference
  2. You can take a look at Caddo Magnet ACs wiki from the 2014-2015 oceans topic. Cole Allen was the 2A and he was a pretty heavy Nietzsche debater. He even got to go to the Harvard RR and got to quarters of Harvard with Alden Conner because the other half of our A team that year, Calen Martin, wasn’t able to go but Alden wanted to and brought Cole along.
  3. No it wasn’t Nooch but it was a former UT debater who was the first debater to ever run a K
  4. I must be thinking of someone else
  5. They did it. Iowa closed out CEDA Nats and Iowa GL was top seed.
  6. There’s definitely a possibility
  7. They’re still going strong but they dropped a ballot in quarters to Binghampton AB
  8. Technically he goes to Iowa and a community college in Iowa City to get his grades up and it’s really stupid that they aren’t letting him go to the NDT.
  9. Personally, I’m rooting for Iowa GL.
  10. I accidentally made this so go to the other post.
  11. I actually met him at the UT tournament.
  12. I’d say the top three teams are Harvard MS, Kansas KR, and Northwestern CE. One of them will probably win it.
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