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  1. I really don't want to burst your bubble because the aff does sound interesting, and you obviously put work into it, but I really don't think this Aff would work in debates. As a policy Aff this won't work. States solves 100%, and the only deficit I can imagine is funding, which can be fiated through. DA's would be pretty bad against this aff, but there is some good literature on republicans disliking funding for the arts which give the risk of a NB to a CP that solves 100% of case. Now if you decided to go in the other direction, a k aff, I also feel like you would have some struggles. Mainly being, the TVA solves 100% and your aff doesn't give itself many opportunities for DA's. The only one argument I can see this Aff being made into is a mixture of Deluze and maybe Schopenhauer. You could potentially get a conformity DA to FW with Deluze and his rhizomes, and Schopenhauer does believe music can save VTL, but I highly doubt that is what you are looking for, and that case has problems of its own. Hopefully I am wrong, and some amazingly qualified people talk about the need for federal intervention into schools for art's and music funding, but im not sure it exists.
  2. you can look at http://www.txfa.org/iqt.asp?r=2 to find out which teams are qualled
  3. You never know about the bids to be honest, but I can tell you from personal experience that you can go from a team that does not so well at easy locals, and within a year be competitive and can bid or break at major national tournaments. The advice I can give you is to make as many blocks as you can, find a partner that works well with you (even if they aren't the best debater you could be with), and understand each argument you will be going for.
  4. sure Deleuze's notion of self clashes with Wilderson's and others notions of a unmoving black body, but there are much better strategies that are more specific to the literature and directly answer many of their authors points.
  5. dont say and or in your plan text, either chose one or both
  6. ThatHegGoodTeam


    I hear the gut judge fuc*** rd 2 when they lost to the terrible Saint Marks SS
  7. ThatHegGoodTeam


    How did Greenhill CR do?
  8. I see their going to a few big tournaments coming up
  9. That is some great intellectual scholarship here no wonder they won the prestigious Plano West!!!
  10. gg i concede iv been out debated
  11. What about quarters of Grapevine when EG lost on a bullshit decision
  12. Sounds like the judge doesn't know what condo is
  13. To be fair, they dropped condo, and still Greenhill lost
  14. It was technically two tournaments bc it was the Clark Plano Swing
  15. To be fair, what iv herd about that rd sounds like its a bit of a judge F***
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