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  1. I believe we've been told to C E A S E, but I enjoyed this very much. Bless up.
  2. Foolish baby quokka. If the only way to vote for Baudrillard is to vote against him, then voting against him would be voting for him which means you have to vote against the team that is against Baudrillard to not vote for him, and therefore, vote against Baudrillard.
  3. "Presumption flows Baudrillard" - Shrenik Bhansali. so you're donezo kid.
  4. Say the words "fiat is illusory...so the aff doesn't even really do anything" at least 10 times each neg speech, and you're guaranteed to win.
  5. "The Pragmatics of Resistance: Framing Anti-Blackness and the Limits of Political Ontology" by David Kline applies Deleuze's and Guattari's lines of flight to Wilderson to prove him wrong about anti-blackness being a political ontology. I have the full article, if you need it, pm me.
  6. DefendTheWall


    Reciprocal upvote for such a positive response, bless your kind soul.
  7. DefendTheWall


    They would've won had they not been rolled over by the far inferior Greenhill GE.
  8. DefendTheWall


    Can confirm. Greenhill only beat them by bribing judges in finals.
  9. I couldn't agree more, LASA AV has potential but fails to see it through because they don't execute like Greenhill CR going for Trumpism.
  10. Greenhill CR, the GOD circuit debaters.
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