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  1. Best team: BVW BN Squad: BVN Coach: Art Delgado, Tamsy Ramachandran Lay: Dick Cheney/George Dubya Aff: BVSW FZ Neg: SMNW KO Prettiest speaker: Nate Martin Fastest: Jack Ross Most annoying: BVW Tomatohead Best 1A: probably Daniel Best 2A: probably Daniel Best 1N: probably Daniel Best 2N: probably Daniel Most likely to do well next year: SMNW KO, BVSW KL, BVW (Srivats, Animesh, and Seena however they pair up) Judge: Chris Carey <3333, Chris Birzer, Big Walter, Big Bajwa, Jard <333 Underrated team: BVW SS Best K debater: Lily Ottinger PTX debater: probably Daniel FW* debater: probably Daniel T debater: probably Daniel Most likely NDT champ: probably Daniel Nicest debater: Jack Ross's binoculars Best Evidence: Patrick 13 is heat Best argument: Bees K Worst argument: condo imperialist Best K: NEOLIBBBBB Best aff: whichever barely topical, obscure one I can rip off the wiki Best tournament for hanging out: state Best human being: Animesh Shrouti Best excuse for losing: "global warming isn't real, i voted after the 1ac" last 4 years were great, loved spilling the tea with y'all
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