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  1. I'm nearing the close of my first year debating, and over the course of the year, I've come to understand and run some basic K's (cap, Wilderson), most of which my senior debaters prepped out for me though. I've got time before next year begins, and I'm nearing the point where debate is beginning to unfold and make sense to me, with all its components, but it seems there are so many different kritiks, with so much different information being tossed around these forums that for me, there's an overwhelming amount of k's to understand with all these different authors talking about different things, albeit me having a small idea of what some of them talk about. With that, I have two questions: 1. How did you get familiar with the wide variety kritiks floating around? I understand the answer will probably be "look them up" or "debate with/against it", but there are so many different people talking about so many different things its difficult to find where to start 2. How did you start reading k lit? I've tried my hand at reading some authors; I've picked up hard copies of books, and annotate as I read, etc. etc., but the material in many of these books are extremely dense and seem to reference past works of different authors. Do you just pick up a book, read it, and work your way back the chain? or do you start from the beginning of the philosophy chain and start moving forward? if so, how far back do you start reading?
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