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  1. It's the Rubin 1984 card in the advantage.
  2. Green tech. Sorry for not specifying.
  3. Could we get a card that says STEM education can't solve for global warming or something similar?
  4. Quick question on the card that says Men can't access feminism. Would you have to get a verbal confirmation about pronouns before the round that your opponents are males to run it or what? It seems like walking through a minefield to run that card against Fem and Gender stuff especially since it's typically a bad thing to ask people to "out" themselves in a round.
  5. I agree with you partially. Truly violent radicals should be isolated from society; however, a radical is just someone who wants complete political or social change. Assigning a negative connotation to even simple discourse with radicals is only counter-productive if you don't like their ideas. Best to prove them wrong with facts and logic if you truly believe that radical right-wingers are dangerous because of the policies they advocate for. I believe radical left-wing policies would, as you say, "fuck over more people than benefit," but I do think a functioning society has a place for these radicals to explain and advocate for their ideals. As turls said, getting rid of slavery was a radical idea but it was a necessary one for the betterment of humanity even if some didn't see it that way at first.
  6. Been like a month since this thread was started but I'm bored so kek: I feel that the problem with the question is that it assumes radical right-wing thinkers are wrong in a single brush-stroke. I've discussed policies with people that I would confidently describe as radical right-wing as well as radical left-wingers; what I've found is that some, on both sides of the spectrum, can advocate for things that I would say is dangerous. However, many others have views that many leftists would consider radical, such as ethnonationalism, but they advocate for it in a completely non-violent way such as limiting immigration. On that same note, I'd like to point out that radical left-wing groups such as ANTIFA are verifiably dangerous; however, that doesn't mean that every dude who advocates for significant change and likes a hammer and sickle for the aesthetic is dangerous. Right-wing groups and thinkers are no different. Sure, I wasn't angry when Richard Spencer was punched, but him being against my world-view doesn't make him a danger to interact with. TLDR: Radical right and left thinkers can be a dick, but they aren't dicks because they are radical. EDIT: rip, i had both threads open on accident and used the one that no one is using, w/e lmao.
  7. Anyone have cards that say the plan is bad because it's done through the Trump administration and it gets co-opted, restructured, gives Trump power to heck up future education policies, etc?
  8. Bagels? That's a link.

  9. 2017 NDT Finals Georgetown KL Aff vs Rutgers MN - 1NC "The Roast Session" https://t.co/5Gm1UQcGcE via @YouTube

  10. Not sure if this Discord is still up, but the link is not working for me. Anyway we could get another one?
  11. trisgav2@gmail.com
  12. RT @TheEconomist: Populist leaders the world over are finding success selling easy answers to difficult questions. WATCH: https://t.co/Il87…

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