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    Exodus Debate Files is a company made by debaters, for debaters. Therefor, we make sure that every file we produce is something we would be willing to buy. The evidence is top-notch and hand-cut.
  1. We want everyone to be as excited as we are about our site renovation, https://t.co/etThOLWGRvThe code ExodusOne… https://t.co/uCl7oIYWJk

  2. Cross-Examination is the only part of a debate where the two teams interact. Are you taking full advantage of the 3… https://t.co/VvKZsgeS1u

  3. Hello everyone, Exodus Files here with an important announcement. As our company grows, we are investing our resources in growing debate, one way that we are doing that is publishing online debate materials to help you become the debater you want to be. Latoya Green, the Director of Debate at California State Univeristy- Fullerton, has offered her expertise in this video lecture and we couldn't be more excited to share this awesome video with you! Rounds are won and lost in cross-examination, and believe it or not, the 3 minute period is a lot more than just asking questions. If you're wanting to step your debating up to the next level check out the video link below to watch the awesome lecture. If you want to see more material like this, let us know and feel free to give topic ideas for other lectures in the comments below. https://exodusfiles.org/blogs/cross-examination-strategy/latoya-greens-cross-examination-tips
  4. RT @smsdebate: get ready for season, debaters!!! lots of fun stuff planned, woooo https://t.co/5EEdMR84C3

  5. Hey policy debate community, We at Exodus Files wanted to remind everyone that we provide the opportunity for commissioned files for teams/debaters/coaches. If you are looking for a specific argument or type of argument, but don't quite have the time to research it, Exodus Files can help! We will research, write and block out an aff or neg file of your choice, or you can simply let us know that you're looking for (for example) a K aff and we will provide you with a quality K Aff file and update you along the way so we can make sure that we are working on what you had in mind. Please email exodusdebatefiles@gmail.com if you would like to discuss commissioning a file!
  6. NEW FILE ALERT: new Public Forum negative- the Neoliberalism Kritik. If you buy both the PF aff and neg then $3 gets taken off your order! ?

  7. What files would you like for us to write? Quote this tweet with any specific ideas!

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