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  1. Here are a couple that I tend to find compelling 1 - general topic link - can't go wrong with Dumas, usually discussing how anti-blackness is a structural element of the modern education system. For immigrants next year probably Nopper. 2 - cruel optimism - legality as a metric of progress fuels a violent temporal narrative that utilizes optimistic rhetoric to mystify deeper structural antagonisms (usually for soft-left affs) - Warren's Black Nihilism 3 - humanism - the aff's discourse surrounding rights, community, citizenship, international treaties, or whatever is predicated off of a profoundly humanist narrative that sustains itself through the psychic economy of anti-blackness - you can find this in Wilderson's myriad of interviews While arguing that the aff allows whiteness is compelling against certain performance aff's, you won't be winning any rounds off of that. You generally need a link to the affirmative's method or epistemologies. Highly recommend getting into the literature and watching a couple of Wake AS' or Kansas RK' rounds before you continue to read this argument because it is criticism that necessitates a lot of conceptual knowledge to articulate well.
  2. Westside became dope as hell. Looking forward to seeing these two at the TOC
  3. Wow, wasn't really expecting the topic to be this one honestly. Opens up tons more K ground though. Whats your thoughts on the new topic?
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