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  1. Well it depends on what Aff your running, but Security and Orientalism are pretty popular for this topic
  2. I meant in that you can't go out and say "I need some really good files/arguments/kritiks for this tournament". That's not gonna help you. You should focus on understanding the evidence you have.
  3. Carl

    falun gong 1ac

    It's not a reason to not run an aff, its a reason to make it not QPQ.
  4. Understand your arguments edit: Killer files won't help you if you don't understand them
  5. Carl

    falun gong 1ac

    QPQ human rights Aff's link to so many Ks.
  6. Carl

    bigoted arguments

    Man Missouri is going to lose their minds when someone does a fem killjoy k or one of those types of k's.
  7. Carl

    bigoted arguments

    So going by that logic we should just expand the USFGs current Eugenics programs (capitalism). Oh wait, that's what we do.
  8. We've created an image of what Bauldrillbabe should look like.
  9. I'm thinking of writing a Marxism aff for this years topic, education. The plan text would be that the USFG should increase funding towards programs that teach Marxist thought in High School. What I specifically want some help with is how should I look for articles to create cards from. I've done some googling and I can't find any articles saying the US should teach Marxism.
  10. The problem is that you have no real timeframe. I proposed this but got called out, rightfully so. They could also just claim that people will be educated in College or in job training.
  11. Impacts; Poor education leads to bad policy making which leads to uncontained nuclear war.
  12. Time to pull out the TimeCube4 Aff.
  13. Thanks. This is a really good file. Going to try it out this weekend on the one annoying team that runs a healthcare aff.
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