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  1. beck9696

    lmao what the heck is going on

    It's like someone updated this with the intention of making it a social media style forum for debate.
  2. beck9696

    lmao what the heck is going on

    I can't be the only one that gets a "Myspace" vibe from this, right? LOL
  3. beck9696

    Kansas City Coaching

    A school within reason. Probably no more than 20-30 miles.
  4. beck9696

    Kansas City Coaching

    I will be going to UMKC but I won’t be debating. I’ll be in my fourth year of school.
  5. beck9696

    Kansas City Coaching

    Hello All, I am moving up to the Kansas City area in a month to finish my Bachelors. Although I have been away from the community for a few years, I'd like to become more involved. Does anyone know if there are any schools in the surrounding area that need assistant coaching, help cutting cards, or someone to travel to tournaments? I would like to become involved with a school and get back into the activity.
  6. I think the problem, as with the first ODT, is that everyone involved in this, including the host, competitors, and judges all have different schedules. This makes it seemingly impossible for everyone to post in a timely manner resulting in most, if not all, people eventually forgetting about the tournament. If done again, I would make this tournament shorter, less spaced out, and strictly enforced. I think that it has to be done in the summer after Nats but before summer camps when there is that short week to two weeks of nothing. Just my two cents...
  7. beck9696

    How do I answer and Advantage CP

    How do I answer and Advantage CP Step 1. You speak Step 2. Done
  8. beck9696


    I just finished watching the movie on Netflix and I have to say that it was a good Independent film. Although it does not encompass all aspects of debate, the movie does incorporate sentimental underlying themes and shows the importance of maintaining a strong, healthy social life. I would recommend watching. It may not mirror debate exactly, but it is a step in the right direction in helping people understand our activity.
  9. beck9696


    "You'll qualify for the state tournament and Harvard will give you a full ride." Where is my full ride scholarship at? lol
  10. Thanks for the recognition! I apologize for my inactivity. I am glad that you have taken the initiative to continue the ODT. I have not been on this site for a while but I hope that the trolls form the Manhood Academy have left this site alone. They still have not posted our debate on their YouTube channel; I wonder why? Anyways, if you need any help with this tournament, feel free to let me know. Good luck to everyone competing.
  11. beck9696

    Round three

    I'd default to the affirmative forfeiting, but that wouldn't do any good since it appears neither debater is even active. I feel like there are a lot of forfeits from rounds 1 and 2 which makes it very concerning for rounds 3 and 4.
  12. Hello all, I have tabulated the results that I've gotten from round 2. I am still waiting on two debates. One of the debates is just an RFD, which I'm not worried about. However, does anyone know if Preeves22 and Ydavid started their round? I can't find their debate anywhere.
  13. Choas, when you get a chance can you PM me your RFD please. After you give an rfd round three will start.
  14. beck9696

    ncfl nats

    If PW would've won their semi round then Kapaun would've closed out the tournament.
  15. beck9696

    ncfl nats

    You were right, PW had a semis appearance and EH were runner-ups.