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  1. Given that the aff and neg strat have already been posted I doubt it will make that much of a difference, but you can view it here.
  2. Great debate! Immigration, Framing, and then the Alternate Grounds CP. 2AR vs jswegthefuture.docx
  3. Immigration, Framing, T-Curriculum, Alternate Grounds CP, Executive CP. 1AR vs jswegthefuture.docx
  4. Ready for 1NR whenever – the 1AR might be a day or so late, by the way.
  5. The Thirteenth Amendment prohibits slavery and involuntary servitude – irrespective of the plan, if another racial group were to become enslaved in the United States, would your interpretation of the Thirteenth Amendment protect that group? Is racial discrimination a relic of slavery? Which aff beats the XO CP? At what point should the judge reject an extinction scenario for being overly improbable?
  6. 2325 words, order's in the doc, open for CX. 2AC vs jswegthefuture.docx
  7. Status of the advocacies? What are the net benefits to all three of the CP's? What is the "ongoing enforcement scheme" that the aff establishes which prevents strong schools? Which states have successful STEM programs now? How does the aff trade off with state-led STEM?
  8. 1AC's attached, 2475 words, open for CX. 1AC vs jswegthefuture.docx
  9. I can judge as well, if you all don’t mind a fourth judge.
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