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  1. To everyone: I'm sorry for being arragant and an asshole, and for insulting nick, the ODT, peter, no neg fiat, and anyone else I roasted. It wasn't right, and I was just pissed about judging and when the downvotes started coming in I felt like i couldnt back down because I was intimidated by everyone ganging up, which is what always happens here I'm sorry. I was wrong, and childish. if you all are willing, i would like to move on from this
  2. who made you the judge of my fight with patrick? No one said anything to you at any point in this whole thing. I don't care if you think my offer was sleazy, it's not for you to judge. You have nothing to do with this
  3. I tried to give you the easy way out, but instead you pull some shit like this. Like I told you over PM, I'm fine debating you, just not right now. I'll go aff, and it's gonna be a sorry sight when I crush your neg strat. None of you other assholes are getting debates. I said I would debate Patrick, not anyone else. I'm not your punching bag. You may be able to downvote every single thing I post, but I'm not gonna waste my life debating you. Find someone else to read your shitty strat against
  4. Correcting my grammar, really? What's next, you're gonna go for a plan flaw?? I'm ready to debate you whenever. I'll even let you pick the side, because I guarantee you couldn't beat my aff on the education topic, or any of my neg strats. Also, can people please stop downvoting me so much? If you have a problem with the things I say, just say that directly instead of shitting all over my account.
  5. lmfao Your about to get destroyed. i want the snowball to judge. agree? And to everyone else downvoting me to hell and making fun of me that my profile says double 1's (which is outdated, i am now double 2's). Why dont you leave me alone and let me have an opinion?
  6. This is such bullshit. I said I wanted to judge so why would you assign multiple judge who’s also competing (THIS ROUND) without even assigning me? Obviously this is just cross x people trying to make it so their friends win.
  7. that's a joke right? half of the stuff that happens on this website is people getting triggered by random shit and other people apologizing for it. apologizing for offending someone is like a rite of passage in policy debate
  8. give me a card saying "cap" is good
  9. I'd like to judge. Here is my paradigm! 1. You can do pretty much whatever you want in front of me. My pronouns are he/him. 2. Be sure you know how to explain your kritik. I'm also not a big fan of shit like Baudrillard and Delueze. they make no sense. 3. Funny jokes will make me give you higher speaks. 4. Please dont run stupid theory in front of me. This isn't the 80's. 5. Conditionality is good. 6. No in-round abuse. 7. No racism good, sexism good, etc. I will vote against you and give you negative speaks. 8. I like th states counterplan + federalism da combo. I think it's very strategic. Politics is good too. 9. Have fun!
  10. This is probably going to get a lot of hate but isn't debate an intellectual activity, so the person who's smarter and more mentally acute is naturally going to win? Yeah spreading is inaccessible to some, but certain exclusions are inevitable, so why draw the line at spreading? Debate is meant to be intellectually rigorous, and spreading contributes to that.
  11. Lol vman is getting back at nonegfiat for dropping him on the grammar debate and roasting him on the politics uniqueness debate
  12. what is a permutation and how do i beat it? Also, are there any permutations bad thoery that i can go for?
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