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  1. I knew as soon as i saw the song lyrics it was gonna be some bataille shit
  2. I've won multiple rounds on the national circuit going for this card.
  3. Antonio 95 really is the best card in debate
  4. I read an elections DA earlier this year so its pretty scary to see that the link has been triggered.
  5. What the hell is this round? A 10,000 word 2NC instead of a 2,500 word 2AC... It's probably just the wrong file.
  6. I actually feel like you hit spot on. That's why when I run Nietzsche, i do it more as a FIAT/death K.
  7. Nothing, his sister hijacked his work. However, many might interpret his position on the slave-morality to apear Nazish. I disagree with those people and would be glad to explain more if needed.
  8. I'll give a quick RFD, since I've got APs. DM me with any questions. Coming out of the 2ac I thought this was a neg ballot, but the 2AR made most of the right arguments and they pretty much won the impact debate. If I were the 2NR I would've spent a bit more time on the first will to transparency impact of the overview. You could have won the debate on that. The aff wins that they get to weigh the 1AC which means that link debate which is specifically impacted out is important and the 2NR didn't have enough of that for me to vote neg. Thus, I vote aff. Good debate.
  9. Piedude

    debate cliches

    Sounds like yo do PoFo
  10. Can you pm me the baudy stuff as well please?
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