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  1. From what I can determine, its pretty much give lpr status. However, the T answers to T-Refugees is pretty good as well.
  2. It probably wasn't 50 (maybe like 6-12) but it took a minute for just the counter-plan text. We always won 100% solvency for that counter-plan though
  3. Good checklist when running an advantage CP: 1. Does the other team have bad quality cards to defend their Internal Link 2. Do you have an Impact turn to the other advantage, another advantage CP or really good defense against the other advantage 3. Is your net-benefit for the advantage counterplan good? Is it another DA or impact turn that you are well versed on in giving a 2nr on A good example of advantage counterplans come from the China topic with climate change affs. My team read a 50 plank Advantage Counterplan of unilateral measures to solve for climate change and read a Xi Politics DA and won most of the rounds.
  4. let me know if this card works (probably doesn't). You also won't need an updated card about freedom good since the concept of freedom hasn't changed that much Censorship is the prelude to war and genocideD'Souza 96 (Frances, Prof. Anthropology Oxford, http://www.europarl.europa.eu/hearings/19960425/droi/freedom_en.htm?textMode=on) In the absence of freedom of expression which includes a free and independent media, AND is needed to re-inforce government policies and intentions at every turn.
  5. NATO withdrawal bad please?
  6. Same. Wish both of us luck cross x
  7. start overally broad then get slowly get specific
  8. Health impact assessment fails?
  9. Immigrants are key to nuclear infrastructure and nuclear weapons research.
  10. Could you potentially cut a card that says immigrants key for nuclear deterrence? Much appreciated!
  11. Can someone get me access to this PDF? Much appreciated! http://journals.sagepub.com/doi/pdf/10.1177/030437548801300402
  12. Everything you need is here: https://hspolicy17.debatecoaches.org/Glenbrook+South/Valiaveedu-Skoulikaris+Aff
  13. A card that DoE increased spending and regulation from this week? They can be two cards if that's easier
  14. Can I get a card that says debating about i-law is good?
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