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  1. rounreck

    Texas Teams?

    This is so true - couldn't have put it better because almost every team on this list is amazing. I'm not the best at debate anyway so my analysis is pretty irrelevant LOL.
  2. rounreck

    Texas Teams?

    1. I think the issue with HK is that one of their bids this year was from a tournament that wasn't really a tournament (Lexington) and they haven't really had a trend to their success. No shade though because those girls are on fire. 2. Westwood BS didn't lose to half of Hendrickson GS at Houston. They lost to Little Rock GL on a 2-1 who I've heard are VERY good (they 3-0'd Hebron KL, beat LASA IJ, and picked up a ballot vs. half of Hendrickson GS at Houston. I also think most people who have watched Westwood just feel that team deserved to be way more successful before UT (also people on here seem to place less importance on earlier tournaments because they know it takes some time to get the ball rolling). Also, debating after numerous days is kinda characteristic of debate tournaments so it's weird to say finals of UT RR isn't representative. Agreed though - making exact lists is difficult. This is very accurate in hindsight. Woodlands should be tied with Hendrickson with 4.
  3. rounreck


    When I construct my file, what arguments do you guys/girls/other suggest I prep against/block out.
  4. rounreck


    Hi everyone I want to run a Pan K and there aren't really any good ones on open ev other than the jumble that mndi put out. I was wondering if you had any suggestions on how to construct a file and a Pan K.
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