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  1. Did somebody forget about Jesuit HM? Also, I think its fairly obvious that Greenhill EA is the best team in Texas hands down.
  2. Many of u have prob heard of the "Consult Ni**** CP" north broward is running: https://hspolicy.debatecoaches.org/North+Broward/Mancini-Rabbini+Neg how tf r u supposed to answer this also, if they ask u to describe the permutation, what would u do (im not black so... :/ i cant exactly say the n word)
  3. here's a tip - don't impact turn any structural violence impacts
  4. include hebron kl theyre good put in st marks st for good measure jesuit? maybe? im not sure abt them since the only thing they really go for is deschooling but they win at that im not sure abt greenhill teams maybe maybe coppell not sure if there is a "sophomore" team but idk
  5. u should ask mahoney - he wud probably tell u
  6. its actually Highland Park M not MK cuz muse is god
  7. im going to have to say no on that -- while jeffler is god incarnate, we can't say that he's only a sophomore jeffler is more than a sophomore, he is smarter than forslund himself, and is in his own category. dont defile his name by comparing him with such lowly sophomore teams
  8. Does anybody know who Cody Morrow is?
  9. watch out for vote neg to vote aff
  10. everybody knows Wilson gets hard carried by Ratakonda or whoever he's with - wilson his own team cuz he aways has to be samir to go with him to tournaments
  11. yes its st marks school of texas because its in texas don't go to toc bc its trash (in the school's opinion) who goes to the nsda
  12. I'm not sure if the card even says "United States," so I'm kind of at a loss of how you can say that USFG = people, and I don't think this argument is that bad. Regardless of whether the United States is a democracy, you've made a card that claims "Democratic Government = The People," and if that's the interp that you want to read then go ahead. I just think that the card doesn't make the claim that you think it makes. I think even saying a Democratic Government = the People is a stretch because all this card really says is that "Democracy = the people". I'm not really sure if the author says that America's government is similar to other governments because it says that "These precepts are embodied in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and in modern constitutions the world over." which doesn't really say anything of how our constitution is a model for other countries.
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