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  1. Okay so I've been thinking about this a lot but I still haven't arrived at an answer. It seems most people in the community think it either the 2NR or 1AR but few think it to be the 2AC. Here's why 1AR - time skew: block vs the 1ar, very few blocks, reactive 2nr. 2NR - last speech requires in depth analysis, reactive 2ar requires covering your ass: no 3nr 2AC - have to guess the block strat, answering more than 9 off, answering new neg strats these are all i can think of at the moment, I hope we can agree that it isn't the 1AC, 1NC, 1NR, and 2AR. Perhaps we could agree that the 2AC is harder than the 2NC. Your reply is very much appreciated.
  2. 1st world education seems so post-human.
  3. This is just like Donald Trump all over again.
  4. why? neg ground? DA's? Impacts? Who ever voted for this plz explain, also does anyone have any ideas for affs?
  5. What is the most beautiful flow you have ever seen? Could you describe how it made you feel? In detail? but srsly, i low key feel like im flowing wrong, okay maybe not wrong but my flows definitely aren't ideal, could some post a picture of a flow so glorious and perfect it could put a man[person] to tears, just so I could grasp the absolute ideal. Edit: Excusme, im so gendered 2ND Edit: actually I want to make this thread about what symbols they use. Specifically, the short hand that people have adopted to make the flow more beautiful. Photo's are good still
  6. thank you so much, this helped alot!
  7. I've been told that the best 2AC FW to read is "evaluate the consequences of the plan against the institutional adoption/enactment of the competitive alternative." Is this the best aff framework? What is the best wording of this FW? How exactly does this framework make sure that they have no access to K tricks, ensure fairness, or education? Or Reciprocity?
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