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  1. Your boy is finna catch that bid in LD hahahahahahahahahaha (no I'm not)
  2. Ritter is the debate coach who wrote about how the ballot is fake
  3. These guys taught me debate, along with Yao-Yao and Eli Barrish. Love LASA. I was super happy when Ezra and Mason broke at the TOC this past year.
  4. That's what you get for reading Mearsheimer.
  5. I'm so proud. Also for aff look into multilateral organizations
  6. See title. CynicClinic/Ian Stark is missing. Anyone know where they at?
  7. please god yes Hey Holden how many winning 1ARs have you given on cap against me again
  8. Screw Vinay and Holden! I'm the only real debater in LD! So Ben for you is it like "their advocacy makes me dizzy - thats bad because health o/w since it's the topic"? Instant L for Kansas KR right there
  9. as to answer the thread question, RVIs are pretty garbage imo. Like I'll read them because in LD you have to but I hate them so much.
  10. ....Mearsheimer..is a dick.. and...an idiot...oOoOooOOoOoOOoo Now that is a haunted meme Side note - My Heidegger aff begins with "Fitter Happier" so I can't really roast that Radiohead round lmao.
  11. Why are there suddenly so many more circuit debaters here jesus i leave this site for like a month...
  12. give context? like what exactly did the round look like
  13. wil do. and i'm VLD lol. I did CX for like 2 years then I didnt have a good partner so I started doing LD.
  14. AYYYYYYYYYYYYY AJ goes to my school. I'm comrade squid-hat.
  15. Rahul is a sophomore. He was forced to do PF at GVine lol. He's probably got the best grasp of K debate I've ever seen from a second year.
  16. Oof. Does Mason not have that rn? Also are you going to Georgia or UMKC Benny?
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