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  1. David A. Frank, s Professor of Rhetoric, University of Oregon, “The Pedagogy and Politics of Solipsism”, CAD, https://scholarsbank.uoregon.edu/xmlui/bitstream/handle/1794/5302/Solipism.pdf?sequence=1&isAllowed=y I do not question Snider’s intentions...was receptive to my arguments.
  2. hold up i have this actually
  3. If you really want some fire link evidence (these are aight it's just what I had on me at a moments notice), Benjamin Noys put out a book in 2014 called "Malign Velocities: Accelerationism and Capitalism." He spends a good while roasting Bifo. Here's a sneak peak: "The few scattered anti-accelerationist critiques of our present moment often seem to leave untouched the libidinal core of accelerationism. These alternatives seem tepid, or even reactionary – take Franco ‘Bifo’ Berardi’s invocation of a politics of exhaustion that would ‘become the beginning of a slow movement toward a “wu wei” civilization, based on withdrawal, and frugal expectations for life and consumption’. This postmodern Taoism hardly enchants, and its expectation of sacrifice and escape seems to mock those paying for the current financial crisis. ‘Frugal expectations’ are what many of us already have, and such promises can hardly compete with offers of acceleration and excess. For this reason it is not surprising that accelerationism gains adherents uncomfortable with such re-treads of the usual political moralisms."
  4. lol thats what the cite is for the card my coach gave me. i'll just post it later,
  5. Ya but like "speed" in this context just means speed in the sense of the acceleration of liberalism, not literal speed
  6. i hate these tags. i think this is a good reading of bifo though. so you need to be clear about how your mode of beauty without meaning and stuff exhausts the system, and how it's "the last radical act left" (classic Bifo phrase). for Bifo, the era of radicalism and resistane is dead - no more heroes. there is only technomaya colonization-goog cybertime or whatever made up sci fi words he uses in his new book. your thesis is that there is no more meaning, no more activism, there is only radical passivity and exhaustion. for 2AC blocks you wanna direct every flow back to this thesis - resistance is dead, there is only passivity now. you win that thesis, 90% of flows disappear. For framework specifically, you weigh the aff vs framework and talk about their shell is just an imposition of meaning, "education" is just cognitive cap, "fairness" is just the desire to make debate productive and search for modes of meaning (cognitive cap), shit like that.
  7. uh no you def are ceding the political lol. read the Bifo stuff about activism being dead and like how attempts for change within the political augment the system and shit. Cut some exhaustion cards for the 2AC about how you starve they dying system instead of giving it the activism it craves
  8. wtf holden go to bed. and don't steal my files not cool man smh I'm like still trying to find that second one we watched with Ryan that was so serene like I'm craving that peace again
  9. For my new year's resolution, I wanna stop being a loser and get bids.

  10. Just to make sure this ceases forever. There's a whole section for the "vote neg to vote aff thing." Core - Baudrillard.docx
  11. I'll judge if Ian promises to show no mercy (for your benefit of course, Holden).
  12. Last week, in an interview published by the National Review that sounded faintly like a slave master lamenting the fact that his best buck learned how to read, Andrew Sullivan said of Coates: HOLY SHIT
  13. In the New York Times interview that kick-started the beef between West and the public apparition of Coates (so far, Coates has declined to make this a “feud,” sticking to the Nas-vs.-Jay-Z philosophy of “keeping it on wax”), many of Coates’ fans laced up their 5411s, smeared Vaseline on their faces and were ready to ride out, insisting that West “keep Coates’ name out his mouth.” I hesitate to call West’s callouts a “beef” because Coates is seemingly disinterested in becoming Biggie to West’s Tupac-ish shenanigans. (And yes, they have risen to the level of “shenanigans” because, even in the merit-based part of West’s argument, there is an undeniable level of saltiness that extends past the text of Coates’ writing.) Coates seems willing to defend his works, while it feels as if West wants to attack Coates personally. West’s disdain seems palpable. I fully expect West’s next op-ed to begin with a “Hit ’Em Up”-like preamble, “That’s why I ... ” wtf is with the hip hop metaphors what is this article holy shit this is the funniest thing i've read in a while
  14. what the fuuuuuuuuck lol. I also love the picture at the top of West they chose. "...explaining race in America through the lens of statistics and economics. It was, at its core, the most neoliberal thing ever." ????????????????
  15. my opinion is that you probably dont realize that uh
  16. this is true. I think this article is a very good summation of a critique of black pessimism, but it's just not as in depth as some other articles, or even other West articles, and it's also very specific to Coates. imo not enough here for a killer card which is a shame, I love reading Cornel West. I think the best in-depth analysis of this line of thought I've ever seen is from this article, also by him. Highly recommend you cut this - that is, if you can find a URL. My coach gave me this card, its straight fire West 93 [Cornel West. “The Nihilistic Threat To Black America: The Major Enemy Of Black Survival In America Is Neither Oppression Nor Exploitation But Rather The Loss Of Hope And Absence Of Meaning.” May 09, 1993]
  17. I agree with this, and I also think the 2NR is especially difficult because you have to make sure the 2AR has NO outs left. I say 2NR
  18. ATTENTION: The following is for real debaters only. If any of the following apply to you, get out - 1. Your name is Holden 2. You think the fiat double bind is not a real arg 3. You have never given an entire 2AR on Framework against the K. That's right, 2AR. 4. You have never won a round off of condo good + a judge kick. 5. You have never won a round off of condo bad. 6. You have never been asked to turn down your prep music. 7. You somehow think Dead Presidents II by Jay Z is the greatest rap song of all time what the fuck Ben smh. 8. You have never been asked to turn up your prep music. 9. PF. 10. Parli. 11. If you have never given a 3NR during the judge RFD. 12. PF again. Anyways, now that we have weeded out the lesser debaters - feast your eyes. Interpretation: The NEG cannot run "K's" Violation: They read a "K" Judge, this is a voting issue. Drop them for the following reasons 1. Education-- This has nothing to do with the topic. Camp never taught me what a ""Rhizome"'" is! 2. Fairness-- K's are cheating because they are impossible to predict, and we can lose on them even if we win that the plan is a good idea. That's unfair. How would you like it if someone read a K against you?
  19. See the "What are Memes?" video I posted
  20. Politics DAs are the reason perming DAs should be a thing again. I love a good politics round, because it's the most contrived, shitty, debate-in-a-vacuum type arg there is (ala the process CP), and I think that's beautiful. Seeing a good politics round is a masterclass in just the most amazing technical execution of an arg, because to see someone like LASA MS or Greenhill GE go for politics in the 2NR is def a virtuoso type thing and it requires a lot of skill. With that being said, there are literally infinite thumpers to any DA and they should most definitely lose to that every single time alone, and the community prob needs to realize these args are objectively just fake as fuck, but until those things start happening more I'll take my dubs happily.
  21. get rekt Ryonk Snonk Even if capitalism has caused environmental degradation, now it’s key to solve – the money is moving away from degradation and towards mitigation.Fitzmaurice 15 [Matthew, CEO of EcoAlpha Asset Management LLC, an asset management firm that invests in companies that provide solutions to global burdened resources with a specific emphasis on water, agriculture and energy efficiency. EcoAlpha focuses on public securities and seeks to generate superior risk-adjusted returns for investors. 03/23/2015. “Only Capitalism Can Save the Planet.” https://ensia.com/voices/only-capitalism-can-save-the-planet/] JCH-PF To say the world has changed a lot in the last century is a huge understatement. Industrial, medical and social progress has resulted in unprecedented growth in the world’s population and economy, and that growth has placed tremendous burdens on the planet’s resources. These burdens create problems — perhaps the most substantive problems we have faced as a species: from water scarcity and pollution to climate change, reliable access to nourishing food, and affordable energy. Here’s the thing, though: where there are problems to be solved, there’s money to be made. And where there’s money to be made, we awaken one of the world’s most powerful forces for change: capitalism. Of course capitalism has played a starring role in distressing the planet’s resources. Historically, the combination of unchecked industry, a readiness to externalize costs and a relentless thirst for growth have plundered and polluted the earth. It’s not a debate, but simple fact that our population size and economies cannot continue on their present trajectories without exhausting the world’s resources. Yet, a rapidly expanding global middle class — increasingly urbanized and hungry for protein — threatens further and accelerating distress. The hopeful news is that businesses, with their almost singular focus on economic self-interest, and governments, motivated by a variety of interests, are beginning to recognize and address in earnest these inevitable problems. Today, the businesses that develop practical and affordable solutions to burdened resource problems will end up being the world’s most profitable companies. No longer can they be considered “sustainability” businesses. They are everyday businesses with a long view, targeting problems that are not going away. That’s smart business. Burdened resources have become a strong economic driver for businesses of all sizes, in all industries everywhere to spend and change — and one that will only grow in scope and intensity over time. The companies that provide effective solutions to burdened resources will provide superior risk-adjusted returns to their investors as business and governments accelerate their solutions spending out of their own economic self-interest. And because the products, technologies and services these companies provide are common solutions to global problems — and are therefore exponentially repeatable — these investments will have amplified positive impact on global resource scarcity issues. Too often people have a narrow view of these solutions, thinking only of solar panels and windmills. But solutions are enormously diverse: They include, among many others, agricultural drones that monitor soil conditions, smart irrigation technology that delivers water only where and when it’s really needed, more efficient distributed energy generation and component suppliers that make cars use less gas. As a whole, the human race has a poor track record when it comes to altruism. Although there are a great many saints among us who spend — and even sacrifice — their lives to help others, most of us are hard pressed to take care of ourselves and our families. We have a much better track record when it comes to investing money in our own self-interest, which has fueled the unprecedented innovation, economic and life-expectancy growth of the past century. In the past, many people who invested in sustainable solutions were motivated principally by conscience, willing to accept reduced returns in order to invest their money in a way that was consistent with their beliefs and convictions — be they religious, social or environmental. Now, however, we face a new reality in which our economic self-interest and the long-term well-being of the planet are coming into alignment. Because we have to face the reality of burdened resources, there’s money in it.
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