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  1. 1 hour ago, jmc_va said:

    i've been involved in policy debate in one capacity or another for (good lord) four decades. the reason some of us "old school" peeps have embraced kritikal argumentation is because of the ahistoricality of policy arguments. we have literally watched the link stories of a thousand das come to pass in the real world and yet none of the impacts have occurred. these constructs are PROVEN to be meaningless. so what does that leave other than the effect we have on one another in the round and as a community? if the focus of debate is education, we should be educating about things that actually matter and have a real impact on the real world, not weighing who has the best strung-together farce that will NEVER have an impact on any of us.

    all that being said, i have seen hard policy kids OWN the framework flow and they've gotten my ballot. because, if what happens in the room is what matters, the quality of argumentation matters too.

    This guy gets it

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  2. 1 minute ago, debategirl52 said:

    To be clear, I didn't know that. I don't know anyone's identity on this thread. Nevertheless, my apologies.

    I think I am done engaging this thread. I didn't intend on creating arguments. I simply wanted to gather quotes. 

    Thanks everyone!

    Why the actual hell are you going on a forum infamous for trolling and idiots for quotes? Go email some actual debate directors for college if you're serious

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  3. All joking aside, none of you are special for complaining about K debate. DanBan and Trufanov are policy fascists who think Framework is true, none of you will ever accomplish as much in your careers as them and even they can't get rid of K debate (see: 2018 NDT Doubles). This is a worthless game that doesn't matter and saying it's "falling apart" implies it was coherent in the first place (you guys remember hypothesis testing? what about the emory switch? let's not forget that Bill Shanahan was an actual human being who was part of debate. all that was way more absurd than any K debate stuff I've ever pulled and I've done some wonky shit). Nobody cares, if you write a book nobody who matters will read it, Berkeley kids already tried to Ban the K and it didn't work. Having just had my last ever high school debate round yesterday, I think looking over my career the only real morons I ever encountered are the ones who think that they're actually correct about what debate is or should be. You still probably don't know how the perm double bind works, and you're super annoyed because you lost to cap or something and still don't understand what a Communist Hypothesis is. All ya'll can buzz off, let us play the game however we want, I gotta go read some K books my future college policy coach fleeced me.



    Edit: Removed "ableist language" - now make a real reply or cut the crap @debategirl52

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  4. On 9/15/2018 at 4:57 PM, David said:

    Sponsored debaters is interesting and a nice way of advertising the site generally. Stickers is a really old school thing that the site used to sell, and I've been toying with the idea of rebooting that. I'm thinking a contest of sorts for designing new ones with prizes for the winners. Stickers would probably be sold basically at cost, and bunches given out as free promos.

    11/10 I'd buy it.


    On a side note, it kinda warms my heart to see ownership back. You done good David.

  5. 2 minutes ago, seanarchy said:

    On another note, Reza Negarestani's stuff links to probably every topical aff for immigration. Strong generic if you can stomach the post-Landian jargon. Derrida's work on hospitality is similar but a bit more accessible.

    Any author that draws on a human crack pipe for inspiration and influence has no place in a debate round.

  6. On 8/26/2018 at 7:00 AM, Nonegfiat said:

    Patrick fox from jack c hays 

    I swore of Nietzsche for a reason. It is a dark and unholy power I choose not to wield, for fear of the havoc it can wreak.


    Super strategic though, I don't think it's a good topic-heavy strat (hence me not reading it anymore, I've discovered topic-specific K alts and fallen back into my old habits of policy strats), but it's a great back pocket 1NC for debates where the aff is something you have no idea how to answer.


    Holy shit this site got a make-over didn't it.

  7. Guys I'd just ignore this dude, like you're all very clearly talented debaters that come from a lot of different backgrounds, Snowball is from a small school that's on the NSDA circuit, and then there are a lot of people here who are very clearly TOC Debaters from large programs. You're all also good at what you do. This dude just wants to get a rise out of you let him leave. 

    While I agree in principle, I also think if homie wants to go around pining for an ass whipping, he can have it. Also I am def small school deb8r lul.

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  8. I'm going to bring this project to an end. It's been a lot of fun and I hope it's been useful, but it's also hard to maintain and I think a lot of people are finished with their seasons.

    RIP Daily Card. <3 u ryan




    RIP to the GOAT


    End of a legend



    We hardly knew ye

    Ehhhh possibly. I certainly have a lot of free time these days...

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  9. My person is take too long to reply, so can I debate now? Topkek.


    I'll negate. >:l

    No I go first heathen


    I'm ready to debate you whenever. I'll even let you pick the side, because I guarantee you couldn't beat my aff on the education topic, or any of my neg strats.

    Mmmm yes I can. And nah dealers choice. I dont wanna pick. make this as hard for me as possible

  10. what is blackness?, and if there is good material change for blacks would that be a good thing?

    Blackness is an ontological position of the slave, imposed on to black bodies by white civil society. depends on your definition of "material change" - we'll argue that reform is just an attempt to impose whiteness onto black bodies


    how do black lives improve in the world of the alt?

    We end black/white positionality - whiteness is prob the rc of antiblack violence


    How does the alternative challenge oppressive power structures and racism in institutions?

    We say that theorizing antiblackness as in the wake of the ship is a prereq to understanding how racism functions


    Were the civil rights act, 15th amendment, Brown v Board, abolishing slavery, etc bad things? Why arn't these proof material change can get better?

    Not bad per se, just missing the point - it doesnt matter how "inclusive" you are. civil society is built on the exploitation of black flesh.


    What is engaging in wake work? reading the 1ac?

    Assuming you mean 1NC - sure. we say that discursive shifts away from white framings of society in favor of black knowledge production are key. so yeah the 1NC at a discursive level functions as wake work/


    How does the alt interact with institutions and the government? do you make demands for material change?

    We say that 1 - institutions are antiblack, and 2 - reform is just legitimizing and furthering antiblack violence, so not quite. the government doesnt care for blackness. so, blackness has to care for blackness.

  11. Ok i debate in a small circuit where judges wont even listen to cap ks so these are going to be very basic questions

    Sure! No worries, happy to help this be a learning experience. :) 


    Floating PIK?



    Explain the thesis of the K?

    We say you contribute to the logic of whiteness and civil society, which is violent and imposes gratuitous violence onto Blackness.



    so like can you explain the links?

    I mean we have quite a few but in essence we say that the 1AC is predicated on a logic of assimilating blackness into civil society. Your idea of "helping" Black bodies is just helping them play the white game, so to speak. Couple different warrants for this.


    can society get better?

    What does "better" mean? What is "society?" Will civil society in its current form ever get better for Blackness? Probably not. Civil society is built on the exclusion and subjugation of Blackness.


    explain Zirkel and Johnson 16’

    Blackness is viewed as an incurable aberration in schooling. Violence stems from paranoia – insecurity is bred into students and administrators, born of the fear of a strong black identity – they’re too loud, can’t be educated. 



    what is the alt and is it based of the performance of the 1ac?

    our alt is to engage in wake work - focusing on an analysis of Blackness in the wake of the slave ship and allowing for Black self-care and hope. We act from the position of the hold, focusing on places of fugitivity and subterfuge dunno what you mean by "based on the performance of the 1AC" - elaborate? 


    How does the world change in the world of the alt?

    We are allowing for the deconstruction of Black positionality and white civil society. it's not so much about "change" in the traditional sense as much as "remake" the world.

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