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  1. AQuackDebater

    What's gonna happen to Cross-X?

    Given the recent collapse of the site, and it's general state of disarray/disrepair - let's discuss.
  2. I'm inclined to agree. Lay off him a bit kids.
  3. Literally all I read. Sounds good to me. Anything you wanna disclose about the 1AC?
  4. Lucas stfu and go cut us more Massumi
  5. High key this happened btw. ANYWAYS Ready whenever you are. Literally whenever. Later in the week, next month. You said yourself you wanted this. Let's go. EDIT: My K files are all better than yours. Multiple people on this site can confirm.
  6. AQuackDebater

    ODT R1: Jw4167 v AQuackDebater

    High key - my school got threatened with a shooting on the day of our walkout and I have work tonight. I can get CX up today later but I'll need till tomorrow for the block.
  7. AQuackDebater

    ODT Postings: Round 1

    High key I'm gonna redo that over the summer - I have some ideas for a comprehensive project.
  8. AQuackDebater

    ODT Postings: Round 1

    While I agree in principle, I also think if homie wants to go around pining for an ass whipping, he can have it. Also I am def small school deb8r lul.
  9. Yeah I'm gonna have to report this as a forfeit if Arrow doesnt respond by tonight
  10. AQuackDebater

    Daily Card

    RIP Daily Card. <3 u ryan Ehhhh possibly. I certainly have a lot of free time these days...
  11. AQuackDebater

    ODT Postings: Round 1

    No I go first heathen Mmmm yes I can. And nah dealers choice. I dont wanna pick. make this as hard for me as possible
  12. AQuackDebater

    ODT Postings: Round 1

    You assume there will be anything left when I'm done.