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  1. Why the actual hell are you going on a forum infamous for trolling and idiots for quotes? Go email some actual debate directors for college if you're serious
  2. Seriously? You're telling an autistic kid to watch his "ableist language?"
  3. All joking aside, none of you are special for complaining about K debate. DanBan and Trufanov are policy fascists who think Framework is true, none of you will ever accomplish as much in your careers as them and even they can't get rid of K debate (see: 2018 NDT Doubles). This is a worthless game that doesn't matter and saying it's "falling apart" implies it was coherent in the first place (you guys remember hypothesis testing? what about the emory switch? let's not forget that Bill Shanahan was an actual human being who was part of debate. all that was way more absurd than any K debate stuff I've ever pulled and I've done some wonky shit). Nobody cares, if you write a book nobody who matters will read it, Berkeley kids already tried to Ban the K and it didn't work. Having just had my last ever high school debate round yesterday, I think looking over my career the only real morons I ever encountered are the ones who think that they're actually correct about what debate is or should be. You still probably don't know how the perm double bind works, and you're super annoyed because you lost to cap or something and still don't understand what a Communist Hypothesis is. All ya'll can buzz off, let us play the game however we want, I gotta go read some K books my future college policy coach fleeced me. Edit: Removed "ableist language" - now make a real reply or cut the crap @debategirl52
  4. This debate was pretty good, bit messy in the 2AC and block though. I vote neg, I think @NickDB8's 2NR was way better on the question of lbl/tech and @debategirl52's 2AR just grandstands on some defensive claims at best.
  5. 11/10 I'd buy it. On a side note, it kinda warms my heart to see ownership back. You done good David.
  6. Any author that draws on a human crack pipe for inspiration and influence has no place in a debate round.
  7. I swore of Nietzsche for a reason. It is a dark and unholy power I choose not to wield, for fear of the havoc it can wreak. Super strategic though, I don't think it's a good topic-heavy strat (hence me not reading it anymore, I've discovered topic-specific K alts and fallen back into my old habits of policy strats), but it's a great back pocket 1NC for debates where the aff is something you have no idea how to answer. Holy shit this site got a make-over didn't it.
  8. Given the recent collapse of the site, and it's general state of disarray/disrepair - let's discuss.
  9. Literally all I read. Sounds good to me. Anything you wanna disclose about the 1AC?
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