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  1. Preeves22


    Getting coached by david kilpatrick and Nico Juarez? Instant winner. Please do that.
  2. FW/T, can PIC out of something the advocacy does - poetics etc.
  3. I assumed this wasn´t a K round, based off of they arent using evidence. The argument I proposed was just offense against their presentation, and the way the other team looked at debate. Generally, I find that evidence helps further your argument and prove a lot of claims. I think most of the time that it proves inherency, or moreso,proves that other people find that it will work. I agree that if it was a K Debate, then that´s a lot of offense you probably would not want to get yourself in with and I totally agree with Virumstein here. (Like if its a narrative of their life on like antiblackness,or queer theory etc.) But, I just viewed it as rit-large and not anything specific.
  4. Follow up: What specifically does mars colonization solve for, like what issue in specfic that would lead to extinction?
  5. On the Cap DA, you are only doing impact here? Does your framing on the Cap DA apply to the whole round? if I prove that your still endorsing colonialism on the Kochi and Ordan, do you concede the structural violence that comes from that? What are the issues that Mars Colonialism solves? Is the perm only a test of competition, in your eyes?
  6. IMO: A. Use Evidence if you have any to disprove their claims. B. Say their Claims are unwarrented with any evidence or anybody else who believes these claims. C. Say that non-Evidence based Debates just lead to a debate of morality and feelings. Not truly evidence, degrades the level of debate that you have. D. Extend Case and do Impact Calc/ Case S K or Case O/W the K E. Framing.
  7. Here's the 2AC Word Count-2584. Open for CX, 2AC ODT VS SNOWBALL.DOCX
  8. Cross X Whats the Status of all off? Is the BIFO off a PIK? Same with the 3rd off is it a PIC? Are you advocating for Mars Colonization as a solution to extinction? Will you stick with that the whole round? as Per the ritter Evidence you want to kill the educational value of debate? Where do I say life does not have value? What is Political Fatalism? If I prove that Critical Pedagogy is a better environment for the disabled than capitalism, Do i win this? Can you explain the warrant of the Simpson and Dervin 17? what are the levers of power?
  9. Assuming the Government still, but with a couple changes a.our critical pedagogy in place, people's knowledge won't be used to and b. A changed governmental stance with education involvement and towards capitalism
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