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  1. Thank you for judging, this has been the most educational round I have ever had on T. Besides having a solid C/I in the 2AC, what are some other things that I could have included in the 2AC to set myself up for the block better?
  2. I actually still had a lot of room there on the T debate after I "covered" what I needed too, so you adding the presumption stuff was no problem.
  3. Sorry for the long wait everyone, I had a busy week. The 1AR is Case, K, T, DA and is 1493. 1AR.docx
  4. I don't think I need follow ups, even on the first question. All ready for the 1NR ;D
  5. CX: How is the Aff an example of imperialism if we decrease US hegemony? How is the Affirmative unique is causing extinction to Capitalism post-plan? What is the time-frame for this impact? Rosenberg is specific to the US, how does this account for revolutions in China or anywhere else the revolution spills over? Kotz says collapse is inevitably, so why do we care if the plan “causes” extinction to Capitalism? How does endorsing socialist movements in round solve if anti-capitalist movements are already coming? Your CrimethInc. card talks about how social reforms prevent revolutions, three things here: 1. How is the Aff an instance of social reform? 2. If social reforms and revolutions can’t coexist how can the alt solve when social reforms happen every day? 3. Your alt card talks about giving workers living wages and establishing socialist solutions through the government, how is this not a reform that CrimethInc. talks about? Where in the Taiwan contention specifically does the Aff mentions relations? Why would China take over the SCS and ECS if we work to demilitarize those areas long term? Where in the Turton card (White indict) does it mention other nations intervening to deescalate?
  6. CX will be right in the morning then we can do the 1NR. Really sorry, I had some other stuff to get to.
  7. So the State CP is viable I hear?
  8. The word count is 2504, that should be okay with NickDB8 2AC vs NickDB8.docx
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