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  1. Lmao my school issued everyone a chromebook and i must say that if anyone buys a chromebook for debate you are retarded
  2. If anyone has a general case neg file that would come in clutch tbh i really need it (i will trade)
  3. Where are LASA and MBA at? I cant find them on the wiki
  4. I am just really curious about it and what it is saying Orientalist rhetoric K.docx
  5. JesseG


    how can you perm a consult CP if the CP ends up doing the plan anyway because you can't consult somebody before doing the plan while doing the plan. Does this mean that the plan is FX T now?
  6. JesseG


    Thanks so much this actually helps a lot but I just don't understand how all CPs don't just get permed every time.
  7. JesseG


    Don't be too harsh on me but I just honestly have no idea how to run or block CPs. Especially conditional CPs or consult CPs. What basic CX questions do I ask to branch off of? What good CP ideas are there?
  8. Just wondering, which T file says that space engagement is not diplomatic engagement? Because a lot of people are running space affs in my area.
  9. I may be able to find an article talking about how the US has more to gain from a denuclearized North Korea than China does.
  10. Could I make the plan QPQ by saying that China wants the US to stop sanctioning NK therefore the plan is "this for that" or would that just dig the hole deeper? This is my second year in debate but my first year actually trying in it so I'm trying to learn as much as i can.
  11. thanks man also i think you meant the plan is Xtra T not FX T. Also I have no idea how i could make the plan QPQ. Any ideas?
  12. The thing is that a wipeout aff would just get hammered for T 100% of the time.
  13. im new to debating Ks but could this turn into a K?
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