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  1. Patrick fox from jack c hays
  2. I vote aff. I’ll leave a full rfd at a later point, but this is just for the purposes of keeping things moving
  3. Broad Run’s program is all but gone from the national circuit. They might still do local stuff, but I’m not sure since I didn’t go to any WACFL this year. TJ however is making some noise on the circuit. I know there’s at least one good team from woodgrove, and a few other local programs in the area.
  4. My default is to stick you with the K. You’re free to make arguments as to why I should kick the K for you, and I’ll do it if you can justify it, but I tend to think that’s pretty abusive by default.
  5. On the first question, I granted the perm but I don’t think there was much of a net benefit. The 2AR tells me to weigh limits vs exclusion, but the aff doesn’t really impact out exclusion. I’m not sure why race-first framing necessitates prioritizing the exclusion impact, because I don’t see that argument contextualized to race anywhere. In terms of whether the perm changed, I’m with Ben that I saw a general idea of what the world of perm was meant to look like, but for me, the details were unclear throughout. I’m not sure how an advocacy about what the aff should do is able to ensure that negs will never run framework. In my mind, the perm is essentially the status quo in debate, which does include a variety of aff styles, but that doesn’t mean people stop running T. So for the 1AR to characterize the world of the perm as such is sort of confusing. So to answer your question of whether it changed- maybe? Probably? I’m not sure. I’m sorry that’s not super helpful. I also did not flow the whiteness turn, but I’ll go read through those sections and edit this post with feedback later today.
  6. Yes, absolutely. Please don’t take my salty comments as an indicator of your worth or skill as debaters. This is just how my RFD’s come off; you can ask Holden aka TheTrashDebater. This round just had a handful of notable mistakes, and as a judge, it’s easy to hone in on those errors because they make giving the RFD simple, not because you’ve committed crimes against debate and you should feel bad about it. In rounds, I have done plenty of worse things than anything that happened in this debate, so again, don’t read this as condemnation. You both are very smart and capable debaters so definitely keep at it.
  7. It’s a little bit hard to answer that when you didn’t even extend those counter standards in the 1AR. You gotta impact it out and explain why it’s offense in the context of this debate, because all I see is a handful of lines ripped from a T shell
  8. I’m on my phone and I don’t know how to make something a spoiler from a phone so I’ll just do the RFD straight up without a spoiler since it seems that I’m the last one. I vote neg; the 2AC did not do what it needed to do. I understand your thought process in piecing together this framework block— you see it’s anti-T and so you recognize that the offense on normal T is gonna be a great way to impact turn this shell. But that does not mean that copying and pasting standards from your T shell is responsive to their standards. And like, it wouldn’t have even been hard to line by line these standards because some of these arguments are super flimsy. Like there’s an infinite scope of topical USFG action but a limited, predictable scope of body politic? What does that even mean? Even if the 2AC answers were responsive, the 1NC had 6 standards and you “answered” 3 of them. You don’t even try with the presumption stuff or the agential fantasy stuff or anything else, which is a whole lot of conceded offense to weigh against your disads on the interp that say things like “Lol you got beat on framework last round so why are you running it?” Unfortunately, it looks like you’re the one getting beat on framework this time around.
  9. So I’ve only started reading the rebuttals, but I’d like to make a request in case I judge either of you again in the future- can we kinda just chill a little bit? I understand you as debaters are deeply invested in the round, but I don’t find the 2AR’s extreme vehemence to be very persuasive. In fact, it makes me feel pretty awkward. Same with the 2NR’s decision to include screenshots of their private message with one of the other judges. Not to be rude, but like, it’s not that serious. It’s like you saw Snowball and nihilistkitten’s round and decided to copy what they did, but you missed the part of that thread where the judge and another respected member of the community point out how uncomfortable the round made them. I’m not gonna dock speaks because it would be unfair to penalize you when the round had already played out before I was added to the panel, but I figure this could be something of a PSA for cross x people. Can wildly angry vdebates not become a trend, please?
  10. Please let me be neg against “America annexes the world”
  11. I think losing two programs and two tournaments for a year should be a non-starter for a topic paper. It’s bad for the community and it’s supremely unfair to them. I cannot imagine how angry I would be if I lost a year of debate just because a bunch of people thought this topic would be good. Not to mention the fact that when you come back the following year, you’ll be rusty as hell and everyone else has a whole year on you. You can’t really compensate for that kind of disparity. Navy I know has a huge novice program too, so for them that’s a whole quarter of their career down the drain, in addition to spending the rest of their years at a disadvantage, even compared to others who started as novices. Being a novice in college is hard enough. It’s kinda fucked up if you think about it. I wish more people in the topic discussion group seemed concerned about this.
  12. Because students at navy and West Point are training to be commissioned officers in the military, they’re legally prohibited from “speaking comtemptuously” of the Commander in Chief. In other words, for them to spend an entire year researching and advocating that their leader be removed would be a form of disloyalty. At best, it’s not something their school would be okay with. At worst, they could get kicked out
  13. Aff ground is the issue for me. All of these affs are just different processes of doing the same thing, and most of them aren’t even good justifications for impeachment. And then what happens when the mueller report gets released? Resignation counterplans are also an issue, and I also have questions about the lit base surrounding this topic. How much serious legal scholarship has been written about impeachment in the last year and a half? Because that’s essentially what they’re trapping themselves in by making this all about trump Edit- Also, navy and West Point won’t be able to host their tournaments if this topic gets chosen. At least navy won’t be able to debate, West Point I’m not sure since they’re K. But the point is, this would screw a lot of people over. And I debate on the east coast so losing both of those tournaments would be a problem
  14. A lot of people in the community are super into this topic. I just don’t get it
  15. What are people feeling about this, now that we’re coming up on the voting deadline? I’m strongly against the impeachment topic, but I have a feeling in my gut that it’s going to win. I prefer the executive authority topic, which not only has actual aff ground, but accesses a lot of the same discussion of curtailing trump.
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