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  1. I don’t you I understand Baudrillard cybernetics shouldn’t be that bad. I would start by reading Arthur Kroger’s a cultural nihilism for understanding of the will to technology which is a large portion of cybernetics. Cybernetics says that there are data points In a system that control the system or the system controls them.
  2. I would suggest a couple of things 1. Read a card that says psychoanalysis is not falsifiable 2. in cross-x stress how lacanian psychoanalysis is appliable to the political 3. make framework arguements on how your form of education is valuable 4. If you read a policy aff the link is probably a fiat link Antonio 95 if you read a k aff it will be lundenburg it says thst you try to make change that eill never happen which is a link thst you probably won't be able to contetest. 5. The alt is garbage there are two main alts ask them what they do 1. Transveral of the fantasy and 2. Embrace the death drive. 6. in the 2ac read floating PIKS bad in the 2AC they will frame it as a PIK in the 2NC or 1NR 7. What is your circuit and what teams run it I doubt they understand it either
  3. I Read the same book as MBA and then modified and re cut the aff with their permission.
  4. 2400/1600 words Judges: NickDB8, TheTrashDebater, elmeryang00 1ac is 2386 words Open for Cross-X 1ac vdebate1.docx
  5. This is my first vdebate so this is kind of a dumb question but how do i get a word count for just the highlighted portion? Edit: I figured it out creating thread right now
  6. Oof I'll have to shorten the aff but sure. I will start a new forum post with the actual debate when I get home.
  7. well we have three judges now what is the max word count the 1ac can be
  8. If you can get some Judges i will debate you. I would like to go aff preferabbly
  9. I dont think anyone else that is huge on here, But I'll be there.
  10. the circuit i debate in it is very common to find one off teams and one off judges.
  11. Edit: I am setteler colonialsim debater and i would go 1 off against you. You should have good answers to Set Col.
  12. jbh428

    Agamben K

    I like the embrace of impotentiality.
  13. Who do you think the top teams are at the sophomore hoe down.
  14. Hello I'm a 3rd year debater sophomore currently and went to to utnif last year and am fortunate enough to be able to go to a seven week camp this summer and should have the ability to make it in, I am a flex debater leaning to critical debating I am trying to decide between cndi and hss, does anyone have knowledge of these camps.
  15. https://hspolicy.debatecoaches.org/download/Montgomery+Bell+Academy/Glen-Habermann+Aff/Montgomery%20Bell%20Academy-Glen-Habermann-Aff-Greenhill%20RR-Round5.docx
  16. I saw a round where MBA kicked the plan text I'm the 2ac how do you do this.
  17. Any videos of MBA a team debating settlers colonialism on the aff at green hill
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