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  1. ICoastalKingdom

    Debate is a game--- How do I win this?

    If you're running a K aff you're likely going to go up against a neg running framework that says you're destroying the competitive/game qualities of debate by not using a plan text... if the "debate = game" interp works for your aff, go ahead, but usually you see it ran the other way
  2. ICoastalKingdom

    How to Withdraw Money or Get Paid from Evazon

    David why u active once everyone threatens to sue 🤔
  3. ICoastalKingdom

    lmao what the heck is going on

    hi lord david
  4. ICoastalKingdom

    lmao what the heck is going on

    we have E V O L V E D
  5. ICoastalKingdom

    Kansas City Coaching

    How far do u consider the surrounding area?
  6. ICoastalKingdom

    College topic selection

    Why would West Point and the Navy not be able to debate the topic?
  7. ICoastalKingdom

    Midterms DA

    In my shell I have cards that say: Democrats want education, Democrats are voting in huge amounts because they are so anti-Trump anti-GOP right now, but giving the Dems what they want makes em chill and not care as much to vote... means the Republicans win
  8. ICoastalKingdom

    Writing a PTX DA

    PTX is pretty generic usually... Midterms is the best thing prolly right now
  9. ICoastalKingdom

    Anybody seen Harvard MS execute their Cap strategy

    Ay u got those speech docs?
  10. ICoastalKingdom

    Any adice for first time running a k aff?

    ok just cuz A2 Topical Version of the Affs: 1. Your examples don't even fit ur own interp 2. The example u gave isn't truly our aff, running our aff the way we intend is impossible with ur framework 3. lmao fuk T/FW
  11. ICoastalKingdom

    riders da

    On that note: anyone got any DAs that aren't crap? Thanks in advance
  12. ICoastalKingdom

    Parts of an Accelerationism Kritik help!

    Couldn't accelerationism be a turn to the cap k?
  13. ICoastalKingdom

    good policy affs

    Any reason you like Uyghurs?