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  1. Yo just post the berkely camp files thats so much easier than everyone having to dm
  2. Can i get a Giroux education specific alt for neolib?
  3. SDI- Right to Education vs 2NR that was states cp and interest rates da. Aff won but keep in mind the final was an all Woodward final and the A team of woodward was the aff and the B team was negative.
  4. Urbanization improves education and/or innovation?
  5. Can I get something saying urban density key to economic growth thats not Smith 16?
  6. Not sure but check Snowball's post on camp evidence, he has it all there thats been released.
  7. No Idea but go to Snowball's thread about the evidence from camps, it has all of the ev that has been released except Northwestern, and Michigan which should be released soon as it starts tmrw.
  8. Can I get a card that says urbanization will lead to a decrease of ghgs? Make sure its not the Fankhauser and Jotzo 2017
  9. What's some good lit to read in regards of Foucault for the education topic?
  10. A card that says more carriers increases U.S. heg?
  11. Sry got that wrong take out the part that says not heg
  12. Advantage CP for American leadership/dominance (not heg)? at least a card to get started
  13. This is the most goat thread ever
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