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  1. nasheem


    Also, does anyone have a K cut out fro mEdward Said's works?
  2. nasheem


    So I am starting to get really involved in reading K's, and have been doing so successfully. My question is, would anyone be willing to trade an actual (not camp made) K, and in exchange, Ill give a K of your choosing? If you were to help out, would you mind explaining the K?
  3. Would you mind explaining Baudrillard a bit to me? Just like the simulation and simulacra scenario. Ive been really interested in this K
  4. nasheem

    K/K aff's

    I know there is anti-blackness, orientalism, and myth of the model minority. But is there anything more geared towards middle eastern backgrounds? Have not found many authors on the lit
  5. would you mind actually explaining necropolitics? I see it being run a lot and also, would you by any chance know what psychoanalysis is? Ive heard of it but I'm more policy oriented trying to get into kritik's
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