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  1. Lordofthefli3s


    true i forgot about that. also, Bennett is a senator's kid so i can see how that works in his direction too
  2. Lordofthefli3s


    as a policy debater I didn't really get the full experience because I kept getting bothered by the fact that the movie's debate format is so weird... I'd be more disappointed but the style of debate wasn't specified so I can't really hold it against the movie. also the fact that the producers thought straight A's + a state qual = Harvard/Yale. Other than that i thought it was alright. It was nice to see a performative debate team in the movie too. note: i thought the way that the winner of each round was decided was so hilarious. some old whitey just points at a team and nods lol.
  3. JDI 2 week was title 1 JDI 3 week was sex-ed
  4. i did this once at KCK (china K and neolib) and it went well, I did however end up kicking the alt to the china K and I weighed it as a solvency deficit/DA to the case (tibet).
  5. thanks, also where could I find anthropocene reversible cards?
  6. ^ the 2AC was mostly a zizek author roast, VTL, ontology first bad, boggs 97, and neg framework >> extinction (kateb)
  7. hello K hack friends. my dreams have been haunted by round two at KCKCC where we were aff and the neg was 1-off anthropocene K. long story short, little rock tore me a new asshole. We were a climate aff with multiple environment ext (bio-d, warming, ocean acid, etc.) impacts, and the K was mostly "embrace death" so we went for VTL framework/usual perms/alt solvency but we lost because the judge said "there was no alt", which I found confusing since I asked in CX what their alt was and they said "embrace death". I have been digging around a lot of camp files and literature to see where I could find this K or any answers to it, but I can't find anything thats spec. attached is their 1NC, can anyone help me find answers to this K/explain how I could answer it? pls help 1NC R2 kckcc.docx
  8. holy shit this would be so cool. I think it would work, but not having heard the song im not sure. i also don't know how playing "snippets" of the work, since i'm more familiar with performance affs that use the whole song. My friend read his aff while playing death grips super super loud and the argument was less on the content of the song but the presence of loud music from which the 1AC causes affect, which is necessary to solve the aff. it was lit
  9. is that even a question. if you dont post the memes alt I will have caylie come after you.
  10. what I find most successful is taking the alt/fw/links/thesis claims/impacts in the 2NC (which is about 80 percent of content) and then my partner takes K theory/perm/ROB (if applicable)/any case work. as the 2N literally swoon when reading alt solvency so i have to read it in my speech
  11. trying to squeeze in my last NSDA points for the year before I get deported, but you know getting called racial slurs all over the Beautiful State of Kansas is also nice
  12. Lordofthefli3s

    Good K's

    pan and security is good this year, unpopular opinion but suffering reps and apoc discourse links are improving ( i like these a lot ). communicative engagement is pretty okay but if you use it as a K aff you might get asswrecked on T. Neolib links are also really strong this year but HSS's knowing china K is also pretty decent
  13. salem you have so much time in your young, white, centrist, life (also theres wipeout on 2014 openev)
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