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  1. And here's yet another daily update. So far we've been getting more downloads than I expected. Today it's a solid, short cap good card. I'll try to center most cards on either common args (Cap, Appeasement, etc.) or specific geopolitical scenarios. As always, send any feedback or requests. Enjoy! Daily Card 10-02-19.docx
  2. Hi again, this card is supposed to be inspirational. Feel free to send requests/suggestions. Daily Card 10-01-19.docx
  3. Of course, just shoot me your email and we can figure that out. Alternating days maybe, idk? Thanks
  4. Hi everyone, my name is Hunter. I finished my high school debate career in 2017-2018. I now do college debate. I'm personally reviving this daily card thingy that Snowball once did for the benefit of novices/small schools (and because I like cutting cards). Enjoy. There's 5 in the first drop to make up for the 1.5 years this hasn't existed. Daily Card 9-30-19.docx
  5. I'm literally a policy debater, (who goes for policy args like PTX DAs or terrible Agency CPs) so I'm already in a policy frame of mind. If you feel guilty, that's on you. No one is silencing policy debaters, literally no one, yet you're acting as if people are out to get your "growing community". The random CAPITALIZED stuff doesn't make your point(s) any more valuable. No one is misunderstanding you, we completely get the hypocritical view you have. Perhaps just argue that the the praxis of any debate you're in should be policy based. This is much better than ranting about how debate is "a space lacking true controversy or disagreement." Have you ever even witnessed a K on K debate, or a solid K aff v FW debate? Seriously. To me, it sounds like you truly don't know much about CX debate at all, much less K debate. Keep your own opinions, but don't warp your artificially induced fears into well suited facts.
  6. As usual, Elmer is right about the meta level issue, "this is pretty fluid and arbitrary." Yes, there's probably a very clear top ten teams. Organizing that list subjectively doesn't matter to me as much as objectively recognizing the great debaters/partnerships on said list. Maybe make a list of the teams that superseded expectations.
  7. I think it's obvious that a sizable majority of the community, regardless of being K oriented debaters in their own right, are perfectly fine with K debate existing. Yes, policy-policy debate stuff matters. Yet "Silencing" arguments from policy hacks are often hypocritical because they subvert the fact that K debate itself has always faced substantial resistance from certain groups within the community. I don't want to paint all policy centric debaters as hating K debate, or vice versa. Tons of debaters fluidly engage in both "policy" and "kritikal" strategies in the same round, or at least at some point throughout their whole debate career. I dislike and hate the idea of trying to discredit K debate for being exclusive, or whatever debategirl452 is trying to say. I may not love all K debate, yet I recognize that it is a supremely valuable part of our community.
  8. The uniqueness is there. The impact is there. Crafting that link scenario will be fun. Immigration increasing/rising legally hurts/ruins the housing market? Tricky to a degree. The whole... bubble inevitable w/ GOP deregulation argument is probably a good enough impact D analysis. Hurts/Helps the agriculture sector that the farm bill essentially funds? Definite possibility. You'd have to find the evidence, but I can hypothetically see that panning out nicely. That being said, I have zero idea if you could find recent, quality evidence outlining this scenario. Maybe check some more right leaning publications for increased immigration messing up the farm/agriculture industries some how?
  9. Building off of what Coastal was saying, TVA is the best way to go/case list bolsters it. - Maybe read some horrendous limits impact cards (Rowland 84 is one of these that specifically implicates the small school research burden) in the 2NC as linear impacts to topicality. - Prioritize the standards that are common. Don't go for framer's intent just b/c they dropped it. - Keep it interesting, maybe add some emotion (passion is often nonexistent in "TNR" speeches. - Really analyze the world of the aff's interps/topical explosion; paint a picture of a world with outrageous affs, with their aff as a gateway of sorts. - It's totally ok to end a TNR before the whole 5 minutes, especially if you're rambling or repetitive, shifts the pressure back onto the aff.
  10. Base stats are probably found within polling data on various sites, like Real Clear Politics and such. Just look in depth at his approval numbers, look within the demographics, or just directly look it up on google or bing or whatever. H-B1 visas stats can probably be located through camp files or a google search like those above mentioned, as well as governmental websites - https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/legal/visa-law0/visa-statistics.html - or immigration/financial esque sites. Brain drain is little bit more peculiar, and you'd probably have to do regional or statewide searches instead of national statistics, especially given that some states have much bigger rural populations/brain drain as compared to more urbanized states (Washington rural pop vs Florida rural pop sorta deal) The only decent "brain drain" cards I've seen are either ones I've encountered in camp/open ev files or personally cut myself, so you might have to put in the research yourself.
  11. I'm going to preface this whole blurb by stating that disclosure is a good thing and that my wiki from last year is almost overpopulated with disclosure. Still, Zach pretty much sums up the small school wiki dilemma. The wiki has noble intentions, but Zach outlined the drawbacks to that. I've personally experienced this, and it leads to debates underlined by resources per team instead of innovation in round. The people from larger schools can keep saying the wiki is necessary. No team has the "right" to see the entire damn aff before the round. I get that the norms have evolved into the 1NC being ready before the 1AC has started, but I prefer disclosure that is more accessible and reasonable, especially when consultants and coaches are waiting to prep out every aspect of an aff or neg strat. You can all be annoyed at Zach for lazily updating his wiki, but it's equally absurd to expect him to give up his footing before a round. I've debated him, he discloses in person, and he'll even take clarification questions if his initial disclosure isn't clear enough. Most small school debaters aware of disclosure norms will disclose before a round. It seems quite elitist to tell the small schools how, where and when to disclose, and then telling them it was all for their own benefit.
  12. Hey @OurAltIsTerrorism Neolib is general is a broad way of evaluating the drawbacks to a widespread, modified liberal market system. I'm going to presume this is in the context of the immigration topic this year, so there are tons of solid links to go for as well. Most 2NCs that take the K do indeed start with an overview. That's not the only thing needed obviously, yet it can be crucial to a solid speech. I'm by no means an expert, but here's my very generalized take on a 2nc overview. Overviews are tons of fun: 1. Keep it relatively brief. (45-90 seconds) It shouldn't be the whole section on the K. 2. It shouldn't be a simple reintroduction of the K, it needs to expand the overall impact or story of the K in the context of the round 3. Spreading it is fine, but if you want a judge to flow it, maybe slow down a tad from to like a 6 or a 7 on the spreading scale. 4. It should encompass most of the main offense the K has post 1NC/2AC - you're controlling the flow at this point. 5. Clearly present some sort of I:L scenario/chain of events/linkage whatever you want to call it as to why the aff is relevant, and furthermore how this impacts xyz. The overview shouldn't just be the K, it needs to indict the aff methodology in some way. 6. Gauge the judge's reaction to what you're saying. If they're flowing it, it's more likely to be positive than negative. 7. Reference the overview later in the speech, but don't use the overview as a crutch to avoid clash. 8. Lots of people oddly enough mess this next tip up - sign post when you switch onto the next flow/section/component. (ie when done with the overview, "Now onto the line by line" or whatever. Hopefully this list helped in some marginal way, and if you have any more questions/concerns/comments feel free to email me hunter.cool.sports@gmail.com
  13. Hey everyone, especially Elmer (the only person that recognizes me on this thread) I agree that Woodlands MR and Coppell DR (massive shout out to Shrey kicking ass) shouldn't be left off the list, and the majority of everything else said so far is true, with Greenhill, Hendrickson, St Marks and so forth. Where I can offer insight would be with Paris North Lamar HH. Brief backstory, I went to Prosper HS, which is a suburb school in Northern DFW, so local TFA tournaments almost always featured North Lamar, alongside other mainstays like Coppell, McKinney Boyd (Elmer), and others. During this, North Lamar HH debated me a ton over the past few years (with different partnerships) Specifically, I think I went like 3-1 collectively against Zach Huffman with his various partners. From my biased, narrow point of view: He's a phenomenal debater in the right setting, but he definitely can be shifty about disclosure and suspect evidence. Quirky only begins to describe some affs (Systems last year) or some of their neg strats. They consistently do well though, which is a testament to their work ethic. Furthermore, considering they go to a school in the middle of nowhere and have maybe all of 4 people in their prep circle, if even that many, I'm psyched that they did well this past weekend. Still, doing well at UNT doesn't truly correlate to being one of the best in Texas, yet I do think they deserve some credit for surviving the slog of stellar Dallas teams, namely Jesuit. Just some brief, rambling thoughts I had between my classes today. - Hunter
  14. Objectively, I don't know the lower UIL divisions (1A-3A), but I know the higher ones 1A - ??? 2A - Cross Roads 3A - Mildred is the only team I have debated from this divison 4A - Athens HH, 3 peat sweep. I know True and Matthew, solid, genuinely nice people 5A - Toss up between Lindale DT and LASA MS, although lots of darkhorses, probably the tightest division, then again, I debate in 5A 6A - Would have been Hendrickson PW, but I believe they recently split, so I'll go with Reagan SS, despite them being a really progressive (and fantastic) squad. Specifically, I believe the 5A is the most crowded - Lindale, LASA, Westwood, Prosper, and Grapevine are all in this division, and all of them have had teams break at the hardest TFA tournaments this year, although for obvious reasons, the UIL is quite different.
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