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  1. I will tell you once it is fixed how you mishandled the K It's a very tricky K to answer
  2. Bad news- keyboard is dead. I have to concede the round, as I can't type up a 2nc on my phone Sorry
  3. Just don't want it to be inactivity- 24hrs from the first cx question, right? That was the first one
  4. It's a little over the limit, at 2800 something words, I hope that's not too big of an issue. If so, I can try to take something out 1NC vs UDL.docx
  5. Just forget #5- but I still don't know what the desired outcome for the kids is? Do they just stop existing after they finish UDL? What does UDL enable them to do afterwards?
  6. 1. What is a "good future" 2. What are the limits to clarifying the plan text/ are there any? 3. Nixon is in the context of environmental issues, don't you ignore those as well- it specifically highlights ecosystem vulnerability... How do you get the card? 4. Connoly is talking about democracy in environmental terms, how do you access this? 5. What criteria are weighed to determine the desirability of the aff? 6. What is the end goal of the affirmative? Once the affirmative is implemented, what is the desired outcome for the kids? Cheers
  7. My opponent has not shown up. I think that means I win
  8. Lots of lit says open borders would be really good for the economy.
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