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  1. Lets give credit where credit is due; Greenhill CR would not be nearly as good if it were not for the illustrious, ever-wise Eric Forslund . Truly a legendary coach, and I would say that he has the BEST STRATEGIES, namely warming good. Oh if I could have ol' Eric as my coach my life would be complete
  2. SirNauticus


    idk who will win but i know FOR A FACT that Sahitya from St. Marks ST will go 0-5 in prelims -- i heard Tsao carried him at the Hebron tourney
  3. Sam charnes is easily one of the best - he can't go to many tournaments though so I see why many people don't know of him I heard he did well at some locals last year and I've seen him debate at the SDI tournament -- good stuff!!!
  4. The double bind is a most strategic argument. It follows this template Either A is true and that is bad or B is true and that is also bad A common example would be the aspec ospec double bind (a great argument - I have won at it multiple times). The argument is: Either the plan text specifies its agent (ospec) which is bad OR the plan doesn’t specify its agent (aspec) which is also bad I suggest this should be in the 1nc every round - it’s a round winner
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