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  1. If you want to talk about philosophy, LD is down the hall
  2. do yall not understand how condo works
  3. okie4lyfe


    The problems are the impacts, the solvence is your aff's internal links. Boom.
  4. okie4lyfe

    DCI Prep

    Depends on who goes tbh. All the Kansas people say it's fairly good so just treat like a tournament you want to win. Being flex helps
  5. You can prolly just say genocide is bad tbh. impact calc that.
  6. Personally, the cyber security aff at HSS is the best new aff produced. Everyone should read it because the internal links are strong and the solvency is unbeatable.
  7. I want to try the twerking method but can't find the right way to move my butt cheeks. Do you have any demonstrations? thanks.
  8. word on the street is Raam and Jerry sleep in the same bed
  9. Harris Wilson. He's like 12 right? gahdamn
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